Version 3.9

Roccat 3.9 has various bug fixes and improvements:

Bug Fixes

- Fixed many visual problems for some PPC users (drop down panels and download manager)
- Fixed a bug where imported bookmarks would not load
- Fixed download manager for PPC users
- Fixed 'On Exit' Clear History setting
- Fixed day mode issues in Roccat Reader
- Fixed various bugs in Mavericks (OSX 10.9)
- Fixed links not working from Gmail, Twitter and various other sites when not using the "spawn next to site tab” setting
- Fixed a bug causing some images not to load on
- Mavericks (OSX 10.9) breaks RClouds, so we have completely re-engineered how RClouds is implemented on Mac. Roccat now has RClouds Manager which displays on screen when restoring a backup or resetting Roccat. RClouds Manager lets you know what's going on while processing it's restore or reset. Better yet RClouds Manager is a far more superior system and restores much quicker than ever before.
- Fixed some display issues with the Wordpress website
- Fixed Roccat Munch crashing in Mavericks
- Fixed Youtube comment menu not dissapearing when ok is pressed.


- Website combo boxes have now been updated to look better on Retina displays
- Now renders search fields as normal text fields - so styling can take effect on webpages.
- New semi-transparent drop down panels
- Re-designed 'View Source' window inspired and based on RCode - allowing easy focus on content.

Performance and Security Improvements

- Introducing Undercover Return, now Undercover stays on when Roccat restarts your privacy is covered when you return to browsing!
- New privacy setting in security preferences to disable FusedBar search suggestions.
- New privacy setting in security preferences to clear cookies.
- Big performance updates
- Mavericks Optimization for the best performance - more to follow in future updates.


- Big German translation improvements and minor French translation improvements (big thanks to the awesome people of the community!)
- Javascript improvements
- Many Roccat Reader Improvements

Version 3.8

Roccat 3.8 has various bug fixes and improvements:

Bug Fixes

- A fix for the FusedBar search problem with Google - if you are still having issues - change to another search provider and then change back to Google to fix the problem.
- A fix to the problem where the tab bar didn't highlight the current tab for some users.
- A fix for not being able to type text into any text fields on any website while the find bar was open.
- A fix for the tab bar not showing with one tab open (while the 'hide tab bar for single tab' setting was not checked)
- Fixed the problem where the Roccat standard tab bar would glitch when dragging a tab from one window to another.


- Faster page loading
- Improved memory management


- Download Window now hides when another app is active, it is also semi transparent to see the web page through the window, to make it less intrusive.
- Visual changes across Roccat


- You can now select and delete multiple navigate launchers at once
- Removed Open Sans as default web font due to lack of adoption and to speed up rending and reduce bloat.
- Now spawns websites next to the tab they came from – If you preferred the old way, no worries! Just head to the behavior preferences and uncheck “Sites spawning new tabs:”
- 'Closing the last browser window' setting changed, now you have the option to quit the application when closing the last browser window to preserve the windows content on relaunch.
- Reduced application size


Version 3.7

Roccat 3.7 include various bug fixes and includes:


- Updated buttons to compliment the UI changes in 3.6
- Minor UI changes across various components of Roccat, including the Runecats Download Manager, eBuddy Widget and Preferences
- New Error page design


- Added foundations ready for future versions of Roccat.
- Improved loading times


- Improved History menu
- Larger preview of site when dragging websites in standard tab bar, and introducing faster animations in traditional tab bar.
- Added VisiTabs menu item in the view menu with keyboard shortcut
- Prevents 'white' VisiTabs on start-up
- Reduced app size


Version 3.6


Roccat 3.6 contiunes to refine Roccat 3 with:

Bug fixes

- Fixes display issues in FullScreen mode.
- Fixed the bug causing Open Tab in New Window not to work in 3.5
- Fixed a cache issue which causing login loops, websites to not stay logged in and shopping basket problems. This could also cause Roccat to become slightly slower in some cases


- New lighter and fresher look to Roccat
- New thiner bookmark bar saving screen estate.
- Improved FusedBar Suggestions display
- VisiTab blue border now 120% thicker to increase visibility of selected tab.


- Wolfram Alpha and RuneSearch:Eco are now a FusedBar search options
- Minor Roccat Reader Tweaks
- You now have the ability to turn off RClouds backups on exit in the 'On Exit' settings, turning this off will mean faster application quiting.
- New minimalist download manager, now with the ability to open files straight from the download manager as well as revealing them in Finder.


Version 3.5

Roccat 3.5 picks up where 3.4 left off, further improving performance and bringing a few extra goodies as well!

Bug Fixes

- Fixed the Roccat icon being invisible in Leopard
- Fix for the FusedBar Twitter hash tag
- Fixed a bug causing Command R to not work for some French and German users.
- Fixed FusedBar Navigate Launchers sometimes searching in the default search engine instead of going to the URL, and other FusedBar fixes

Performance and Security Improvements

- Improved scrolling performance and retina display optimized scrolling
- Further improvements to memory and CPU usage.
- DNT (Do Not Track) support - on by default with your privacy in mind, however you have the ability to turn it off in the preferences.


- Improved FusedBar search
- New Print Window that now offers scaling, orientation options and paper size choices.
- New Visual setting to disable/enable website background printing
- New Preferences GUI elements
- Improvements to Undercover mode
- Now even smaller in size

Version 3.4

We are excited to release Roccat 3.4 which focuses on performance and opening up more settings for you guys! - We are also working on many great performance-improving features, which will be available in upcoming versions!

Improved core technologies

- Improved memory and CPU usage
- SleepTabs, a new technology which puts static background tabs to sleep, reducing memory and CPU usage by up to 40% - please note that this technology does not work with 'live tabs' such as Grooveshark and Gmail.
- Javascript printing support
- Support for upcoming 10.9 Mavericks


- You can now choose whether new tabs open blank or with your homepage
- Ability to choose FusedBar as a default search provider - with the choices of Google, Bing, Ask, DuckDuckGo and Yahoo
- New 'On Exit' settings pane
- Option for clearing history on exit
- Option for clearing tab session on exit
- Option for clearing FusedBar history on exit
- Option for emptying the cache on exit
- Option to turn AdRemover off on relaunch

Bug Fixes

- Fixed problem where some PPC users had invisible text boxes and buttons in menus such as RClouds and Roccat Flick.
- display problem fix
- Fixed the bug causing audio to sometimes carry on a little while after a tab has been closed
- Fixed the bug causing clear downloads button to not work
- Fixed the bug where the FusedBar suggestions menu sometimes didn't disappear
- Fixed Roccat Munch not updating the list for ages after a cookie is deleted


- New Roccat Munch icon, and slightly updated UI
- Minor FusedBar improvements
- You can now use Readability as another reading option with ⌃ ⌘ R keyboard shortcut.
- Spring cleaning reducing Roccat's file size
- Tweaked internal GUI elements
- Updated Preferences pane.
- Updated user manual
- Ad-Remover now blocks ads


Version 3.3

- Further code spring cleaning, making Roccat use slightly less space than before.

- Depreciated new blue buttons, in favor for light gray ones, as readability issues still occured, these issues are now fully solved

- Open Sans Regular is now a default font in Roccat

- Fixed a problem, causing some websites such as Vistaprint to not display correctly.

- Updated visual appearance of most internal engine GUI elements

- Whitelisting now works as a parental control - no longer opens pages in other browsers.

- Added a User Manual for Roccat (Roccat>User Manual) (English only)


Version 3.2

- Roccat 3.2 has had a code spring clean so now takes up less room on your HDD or SSD!

- Roccat 3.2 has various in-browser UI changes, this prevents some light gray buttons displaying with white text like before - the default buttons now display as a 'Roccat Blue'

- The font Open Sans Light is now a native web font in Roccat 3.2.

- RClouds restore window now displays backups first instead of bookmarks.

- Fixed a bug where German and French users could not switch between backups and bookmarks in RClouds

- Bug fixed where websites with dashes got searched in google rather than the web address

- Fixed an issue where Roccat did not restart after it's been reset or when an RClouds Backup is restored in Mountain Lion.

- Fixed a bug where some RClouds backups didn't get restored in Mountain Lion.

- Fixed a bug which caused some websites not to display or function correctly.


Version 3.1

Roccat 3.1 is now even faster and more stable than Roccat 3.0 it also includes various bug fixes and feature tweaks, these include:

- Roccat Reader has updated buttons which are less distracting for better reading

- Fixed a Roccat Flick bug which caused the inability to flick websites when using Roccat 3.0

- Fixed an RClouds bug causing the inability for users to view their backups if they didn't have any bookmarks.

- Removed unneeded code boosting performance

- Updated VisiTabs which can now show more tabs at once

- Many FusedBar 2 tweaks :

– FusedBar can now visit IP addresses rather than searching them in Google

– Google suggestions are no longer prefix with the address so you can arrow down and carry on writing

– Plus signs "+" in FusedBar are now searched in Google - before they were ignored

– Google suggestions are more clever - if the suggestion is an URL or IP it will navigate to the address.

– Fixed a bug where sometimes searches weren't sent over https but instead sent over http


Version 3.0

Roccat 3.0 has had a huge under-the-hood make over, this means webpages load quicker than ever before and Roccat itself is much more solid than ever!

Apart from the huge performance improvements Roccat 3.0 also has:

- 28 Bug fixes, including the fix for the twitter crashing bug and a fix to the eBuddy widget.

- Improved security across the board.

- Introducing FusedBar 2 - FusedBar 2 is a big update for FusedBar, you now have the option to click on the suggestions rather than having to use the keyboard arrow keys. FusedBar is now much smarter with better suggestions; FusedBar now searches your bookmarks, history, google search suggestions as well as your recent sites.

- Finding tabs can be a hassle when you have hundreds of tabs open, even with VisiTabs it can be hard to find what you are looking for, we have added a new feature called TabSearch which allows you to search your open tabs and switch to them, this is also integrated into FusedBar2!

- Introducing Roccat Reader, Roccat Reader allows you to view your favorite articles in fullscreen in an uncluttered and ad-free environment. You also have a choice of 3 themes Day, Night and Sepia, giving you the best reading experience of any browser.

- You are now able to delete multiple bookmarks at once in the bookmarks manager

- Undercover now has an indicator in FusedBar when it is turned on.

- You are now able to delete recent site history from FusedBar (in the History menu)

- Pocket now has shortcut keys

- The traditional tabbar now has bigger tabs which get smaller as more tabs are added

- RClouds 3.0 support which means faster backups and updates, and better management of backups with the ability to delete RClouds backups. You also no longer have to login after creating an RClouds account it is now automatically logged in.

- There is now an option to set Roccat as the default browser in the preferences, so you no longer have to do it from Safari.

- Useragents have been updated.

- Roccat Flick is now in German and French

- Roccat Flick has had big improvements making it even more realiable.

- FusedBar Google searches are now done over an encrypted connection for added security

- Improved Ad-Remover