Version 4.9

Roccat 4.9 includes:

Bug Fixes
- Fixed crashing on some occasions when submitting forms
- Fixed random crashing issues
- Fixed VisiTabs freezing issue

- Rendering tweaks for slightly improved performance
- Slight memory usage improvements


Version 4.8

Roccat 4.8 includes:

Bug Fixes
- Fixed the issue where Roccat crashed on exit for many users
- Fixed the issue where Roccat would freeze on startup for some users
- Fixed some Autofill issues

- Improved RClouds backup time when quitting Roccat

Version 4.7

Roccat 4.7 includes:

Bug Fixes
- Fixed issue where Roccat could crash or freeze when launching with many tabs
- Fixed some minor Autofill issues

- Improved the time it takes for tabs to load when more then 20 tabs are open

- Minor graphical changes across the browser


Version 4.6

Roccat 4.6 includes:

Bug Fixes
- Fixed various Autofill issues
- Fixed crashing issue for some users
- Fixed an issue where tabs could load slowly for some users

- Improved the time it takes to launch Roccat

Version 4.5

Roccat 4.5 includes bug fixes and improvements:

Bug Fixes

- Fixed a bug where the homepage didn’t show when “Clear Tabs on Exit” was set to YES and “New Tabs and Windows” was set to Homepage.
- Fixed issue where sometimes backgrounds didn’t display on certain websites
- Fixed an issue where Yosemite thought Roccat was damaged
- Fix for slow loading tabs
- Fix for the “Working…” bug where sites would constantly say working and never load.


- Added ability to clear the download list on exit
- VisiTabs now has a “New Tab" button


- Big speed improvements
- Reduced memory usage


- Updated Logo
- Improved in-web UI animation
- Reduced the size of Roccat even further!

Version 4.4

Roccat 4.4 includes bug fixes and improvements:

Bug Fixes

- Fixed issue where some buttons didn’t show on some internet forums
- Various Autofill bug fixes
- Fixed issue where promoted tweets on Twitter sometimes develop a large height when scrolling
- Fixed Visual glitches in preferences in Yosemite
- Fixed version number console error in Yosemite
- Fixed the search field on the find bar being invisible in Yosemite
- Fixed a bug which could occasionally cause Roccat to crash in Yosemite for a small number of people
- Fixed a visual glich in Google when using AdRemover in Yosemite
- Fixed RCloudsManager issue causing large backups not to restore in Mavericks and Yosemite


- Minor UI updates across the browser
- Find bar now takes on your Roccat Wallpaper styling


- Big memory improvements
- Faster RClouds backup restoring

Version 4.3

Roccat 4.3 includes bug fixes and improvements:

Bug Fixes

- Fixed Roccat user agent in Yosemite
- Fixed no window issue for some Leopard users.
- Fixed translation on “Download linked file”
- Fixed some WebGL issues for users using Roccat with Leopard Webkit
- Fixed issue where long form suggestions were cut off until hovered over.


- New Download Image As… option
- New ability to right click an image on a webpage and set it as your Roccat Wallpaper.


- Added Facebook and options into the right click context menu
- Added Hard Reload, Print and Screenshot options into the right click context menu
- Added screenshot and print icons to the main menu items

Version 4.2

Roccat 4.2 includes bug fixes and other changes:

Bug Fixes

- Fixed 'Open Location' issue
- Fixed Autofill hover, not always showing the info bubble
- Fixed certificate issue
- Fixed issue where a couple of people still had the "no window” issue
- Fixed TDScroller error in console
- Fixed form suggestions not hiding when clicking on textarea
- Fixes various FusedBar issues


- "New tabs open with…" has become “New tabs & windows open with…"
- Roccat Munch is now built under the latest SDK
- RCloudsManager and Roccat Munch now have v2 signatures to run within Gatekeeper on OSX 10.9.5 +
- Improved appearance of form suggestions
- New more unified UI in FullScreen mode (for Mavericks and below)
- Added basic OSX 10.10 Yosemite support

Version 4.1

Roccat 4.1 fixes many issues from Roccat 4.1 as well as a few minor feature and UI changes:

Bug Fixes

- Stopped form suggestions showing on Google search and other search fields
- Fixed issue where some users couldn’t see or open the browser window.
- Fixed an issue where Roccat would crash on launch for a handful of users
- Fixed the Country appearing in County field when using Autofill in the UK.
- Fixed various Autofill issues


- Minor UI changes to the Bookmarks bar, Tab bar and VisiTabs


- New ‘Security' setting to clear form data (suggestions)
- Improved way of dealing with form suggestions (Please note suggestions from Roccat 4.0 won’t show in 4.1+ due to changes in this system)
- New v2 signature to run within Gatekeeper on OSX 10.9.5 +

Version 4.0

Roccat 4.0 has hundreds of improvements:

Top Bug Fixes

Roccat includes over 150 bug fixes including these main ones:

- Fixed some issues with Google in FusedBar (you must change search providers and switch back to Google to fully solve issues)
- Fixes Roccat connecting to facebook on startup for some users
- Fixed FusedBar Suggestions sometimes connecting with Google when turned off
- Fixed a Gmail bug where sometimes an email could show up invisible
- Fixed a Dropbox bug where sometimes a file would not show up
- Fixed FusedBar mouse hover showing which suggestion has been selected.
- Fixed a problem where double clicking the VisiTabs empty space often didn’t bring up a new tab
- UI Fixes for Leopard and Snow Leopard users
- Fixed Open Image In New Window not working
- Fixed a bug in RClouds where bookmarks didn’t restore
- Fixed window toolbar height getting bigger when resizing the window.
- Fixed Roccat not remembering it’s size or position in Leopard and Snow Leopard
- Stopped and ConnectMenu from disappearing when customizing the toolbar
- Fixed a bug where FusedBar didn’t always reflect the latest page for many sites like Facebook, Youtube and Gmail
- Fixed a bug where sometimes refreshing took you to the previous page
- Fixed a bug where VisiTabs didn’t always show the correct title
- Fixed a bug where sometimes FusedBar would search in Google instead of the default search
- Fixed Roccat Flick sometimes flicking the previous website instead of the current one


Top Features

- Introducing Roccat Wallpaper, a theming feature superior to any other. Roccat Wallpaper is personalisation made personal, you don’t need to be a developer to make a theme just browse for an image and set it as your Roccat Wallpaper, no need to fiddle with installing themes, no need to restart your browser, and most importantly no need to find a theme which kinda-almost fits your personality. Roccat Wallpaper lets you make Roccat yours. Just head to Roccat > Preferences > Visual.

- New Screenshot feature which allows you to take a screenshot of the whole website, simply go to "File > Screenshot" or go to the connect menu and press “Screenshot", or even use the keyboard command: "Control S”. Screenshots are saved into the Downloads folder.

- Roccat 4 finally has Form Autofill and suggestions, so you can autofill forms from the data in your Contacts app, or use one of the suggestions from your previous entries to the form field.


- UI improvements for Roccat inspired by Roccat:Connect’s blending design

- Brand new UI for RClouds, Facebook, and other panels - the Blackboard design is gone and the Purple Orb design is here! The new Purple Orb design is cleaner and more minimal. It also brings content to the forefront, for an overall better experience

- Bookmarks bar now have more space for each individual bookmark

- Redesigned Roccat Munch, with new streamlined UI and minimalist appearance

- New Bold Text option in Visual settings, this allows you to make the text bold (applies for FusedBar, Bookmarks Bar, Tab Bar and VisiTabs), this is great for people with reduced eyesight

- New White Text option in Visual settings, this allows you to make text white (Applies for Tab Bar, Bookmarks Bar and VisiTabs) this settings is ideal for people using dark Roccat Wallpaper themes


Web Technologies and Developer

- New web developer tool located at "View > Web Dimensions” or by pressing “Shift, Control, D” which displays the current website’s height and width - ideal for developing responsive websites.

- Added Safari 7, iOS7, IE11 and Roccat:Connect 3.0 user agent options

- Added HTML5 Fullscreen support

- Added WebAudio support (Mac dependant)

- New 'Hard Reload' option - to reload while ignoring cached content (note this uses Command-Shift-R shortcut - - Roccat Reader now uses Command-Control-R)

- Roccat now handles the OpenURL Apple event, for third party apps to open Roccat with a specific URL

-You can now go to Localhost addresses without Roccat searching it in Google

Performance, Security and Privacy

- Improved rendering technologies for faster page loading
- RClouds 4.0 with superior security and improved speeds
- Improved scrolling performance
- Roccat Munch performance improvements
- FusedBar History (Recent URL’s) are no longer logged when in Undercover Browsing
- New Security setting to ignore invalid SSL certificates if required


- The Zoom gesture is no longer stepped
- Can now select multiple files when browsing for files online
- Added 'Open Image in new tab’ option
- Roccat Flick’s switch is now translated for French and German users
- Preferences is now translated for French and German users
- Added VisiTabs menu toggle to French and German versions of Roccat
- VisiTabs can now be resized to much smaller sizes
- Added Stumbleupon sharing option
- Discontinued Bebo, Formspring, Posterous and Windows Live sharing because of services being discounted
- eBuddy is now discontinued, so are no longer able to have an eBuddy Widget, we have however implemented a XMS Widget utilizing their new service. This new service requires a pin from the XMS app on your Mobile, but is still free to use
- Dialog animation has been sped up to improve usability
- Added greater spacing between bookmarks, for easier readability
- FusedBar no longer searches twitter instead of the search engine if more than one word follows the @ sign
- Improved the FusedBar search algorithm
- MenuSearch is now the help menu and The User Manual has been moved from the Roccat menu to the Help menu
- Improved AdRemover
- You can now scroll VisiTabs without having to have a multi-touch mouse or trackpad
- New VisiTabs setting to hide scrollbars (so it behaves the same as 3.9)
- RCloudsManager now runs in Leopard
- Improvements in Snow Leopard
- Roccat is now even smaller in size