Version 5.9

Bug Fixes

- Fixed the issue where Roccat wouldn’t launch with the homepage when it was set to open the homepage on new windows and tabs.
- Fixed occasional crashing for some users


- New option of dark mode blank page for new windows and tabs.
- Big performance improvements while loading multiple tabs while using VisiTabs
- Minor UI changes
- Many final under the hood changes for Roccat 5

Version 5.8

Bug Fixes

- Fixed minor AdRemover issues
- Fixed minor performance issues


- FusedBar is now selected on launch, so you can start browsing quicker
- Added Safari 9, iPhone iOS9 Safari, iPad iOS9 Safari & Roccat:Connect 4 on iOS9 as useragent options


Version 5.7

Bug Fixes

- Fixed an issue where Roccat would crash if you entered “share" followed by at least two words in FusedBar
- Fixed some minor Autofill issues


- Minor improvements to the time it takes to restore large tab sessions
- Many minor under-the-hood performance improvements



Version 5.6

Bug Fixes

- Improvements to how select menus render
- Huge under-the-hood improvements
- Minor VisiTabs improvements


- Removed Roccat Munch menu on unsupported Macs to prevent confusion.
- Minor changes to the tab system


Version 5.5

Roccat 5.5 brings huge performance and under-the-hood improvements creating the most powerful Roccat yet.

Performance & Improvements
- Improvements to how select menus render
- Huge under-the-hood improvements
- Minor VisiTabs improvements
- AdRemover improvements
- Future-proofing improvements

- New “Open Link in Background Tab” option in the context menu
- New 'On Exit’ setting to clear cookies.

- Various UI improvements, including introduction of more Mission Blue UI elements.

Version 5.4

Roccat 5.4 refines and improves Roccat 5:

- Changes to divider in El Capitan
- Performance improvements
- Roccat’s title is now parsed to the LoveAPI to prevent a HTTP request resulting in performing rapidly.
- Form suggestions improvements
- Form suggestions updated to conform with Blending Design's 'Mission Blue' design language.
- Further El Capitan improvements


Version 5.3

Roccat 5.3 refines and improves Roccat 5:

- Various bug fixes including fixes for Restore Session and an issue causing some images not to render.
- Big performance improvements
- RClouds backup improvements
- Huge improvements for El Capitan

Version 5.2

Roccat 5.2 refines and improves Roccat 5:

Bug fixes

- Fixed issue where you couldn’t continue drawing after clearing while on the Black Marker tool

- Fixed Facebook chat textarea getting cut off at the bottom.

- Fixed Undercover indicator not showing on all windows

- Fixed Add Bookmark menu item being disabled

- Fixed an issue which caused some JS links not to work


- Tabs no longer open on launch, Roccat now presents you with an option to restore or not, or if you still prefer tabs loading automatically, you can turn “Load tabs automatically on start” to Yes. You can also double click the
Restore Tabs button to restore tabs quicker.

- New cancel option on the add bookmark window, and ability to press escape to exit the add bookmark window

- New secure website indicator


- Updated menu to match the iOS version, to allow for quicker copying of the shortened link.

- Performance & Stability improvements


Version 5.1

Roccat 5.1 refines and improves Roccat 5:

Bug fixes

- Fixed Roccat Draw boundary issue

- Fixed issue where Roccat Draw would forget which tool you used after clearing.

- Improvements to Resource Saver algorithm

- Various AdRemover fixes


- New green pen, purple pen, green marker & purple marker options in Roccat Draw

- New save option in Roccat Draw to save your annotated pages

- Added ability to undo in Roccat Draw

- You can now name and choose where your Roccat Screenshots save to

- New right click tab option to reload all tabs

- New right click tab option to close all tabs to the right

- View Source option now added to the right click context menu


Version 5.0

Roccat 5.0 has hundreds of improvements:


Introducing Roccat Draw, now you can draw on the web, highlight those important parts of an article, annotate those important parts of the website in your presentation, circle that bike you want. Being able to draw on the web brings you one step closer to it. Your annotations will show up in your full page screenshots too!

Introducing Resource Saver, Resource Saver enables a click to activate Flash feature, this saves your Mac’s resources by giving you full control of the Flash content you indent on viewing. Resource Saver may also activate with other web plugins if they’re using a high amount of CPU. Resource Saver can be turned off in General settings.

Introducing Text Backup, ever entered that tweet or forum post and then accidentally refreshed the page and it’s gone? Text Backup restores the text you entered in text areas, so this is a fear of the past!

New “Duplicate Tab” option when right clicking a tab or VisiTab

Added “New Tab” and “Bookmark Tab” options by right clicking a tab or VisiTab

New Tab indicator when HTML5 Media is playing (Video or Audio)

Now in the back and forward button history you will see a new SnapBack and SnapForward option, SnapBack allows you to go back to the very first page you visited on the tab, and SnapForward brings you back to the last visited page on the tab.


Bug Fixes

- Fixed a bug where W3Schools content would not display

- Fixed a bug causing various photo galleries to not display

- Added missing tooltips on various buttons in Roccat

- Fixed a glitch where some users were unable to reorder VisiTabs

- Fixed the tab right click options “Close Tab”, “Move Tab to New Window” and “Reload Tab" staying in English in the French and German builds.

- Fixed various autofill issues

- Fixed issue where VisiTabs title didn’t represent the current window title

- Fixed Visual Preferences not showing the theme location and preview when setting an image from the web as a theme.

- Fixed the RClouds terms & conditions text not being clickable


Performance & Developer

- Performance Improvements

- Scrolling improvements: We’ve disabled hover effects while scrolling, this prevents elements repainting and therefore improving the scrolling frame rate.

- Web developers can now interact with Roccat’s dock badge or sound: window.roccat.dockBadge=“1”; window.roccat.playSound("Basso”);

- LocalStorage is now saved under the Roccat 'Application Support’ folder

- Added the following new user agents: Safari 8, Safari iOS8 iPhone, Safari iOS8 iPad, Roccat:Connect 3.6 iOS8 iPhone, Roccat:Connect 3.6 iOS8 iPad, Microsoft Edge and the Chrome user agents have been updated to more up-to-date builds.

- Roccat has been completely fine tuned for better battery life



- Roccat includes various UI refinements throughout the app.

- The active VisiTab is now a solid blue so you can see it easier at a quick glance.

- The size of the RClouds t&c’s text has been increased for better legibility



- New Diaspora sharing option

- Improved AdRemover

- RClouds 5.0 which is now even quicker at backing up and restoring

- Improved RClouds Manager

- Updated for better El Capitan support

Some features may require OSX 10.6+ to function, some features require Javascript to be enabled.