Version 8.5

Bug Fixes

- Fixed various FusedBar bugs

- Fixed the versioning bug causing Roccat to show the wrong version number in 8.4

Version 8.4


- Added yes or no generator to FusedBar Aware, just type yes or no

- Added loves me loves me not generator to FusedBar Aware just type loves me not

- Added new local knowledge to FusedBar Aware, it’s now smarter than ever!

Bug Fixes

- Various Fixes for OSX Lion and macOS Mojave

- Fixed a VisiTabs scroll bug

- Fixed a Cinnamon issue

Version 8.3


- Improved FusedBar design

- More FusedBare Aware local logic

Bug Fixes

- Fix for Facebook share modal not working

- Improved issue with VisiTabs not showing previews in Mojave

- Fix for some SSL issues

- Fix a crashing issue for certain Snow Leopard and Leopard users

Version 8.2


- Roccat now gives a description as why it requires access to the contacts app

- Minor design changes in the bookmarks bar and preference panes

- Changes to Twitter link sharing to improve reliability to card data

Bug Fixes

- Fixes an many reported bugs

Version 8.1


- New Privacy feature, Ever noticed how when you click on Google search result links they first go to a Google URL before redirecting to the site you're expecting? This is used for tracking, Roccat now prevents Google from using redirection click tracking in search results.


- When we released FusedBar Aware in Roccat 7 we got such great feedback, but we got one feature request for one important feature A LOT. And that was being able to search for or copy the result. So now you can click on the result and it will copy the result to your clipboard and it will search for it in your default search engine all in one single click. So no matter what you want to do, we’ve got you covered!

- Increased database of FusedBar Aware local knowledge

- A few minor improvements to the RClouds modals.

- AdRemover improvements

Bug Fixes

- Fixes many reported bugs including many FusedBar aware fixes, the RuneSearch:Eco scrolling fix and now being able to set Google as the default search engine after changing it.

Version 8.0

Our most boring major update ever - sorry!

Many software companies keep adding new feature to their software without ever optimising and updating the code so these work better and more natively with the legacy code. This results in more bloated, buggier and slower software. We don't want to be like those other companies. So we've spend months and months recoding and reorganising code. Fixing many bugs, increasing performance, this reduces resources which in theory also saves battery life too.

We have also updated our UI from Peach Mist to our brand new Rainbow Pearl UI.