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dreaming of killing head lice  


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17/10/2020 8:58 am  
Dreaming about lice is a bad sign for your life. These eyebolts are parasites that are usually found on the head. Lice are the representation of the lack of personal care and hygiene, which is dreamlike as a neglect of your future and what your present life represents. That is, you are forgetting the actuality of your life by allowing others to suck your life.

Dreams with lice warn of invasions from other people. An example of this would be those people who only want to get something in exchange for you, that is, they do not act at will but are motivated or encouraged. It should be noted that the most common enemies that lice seek to represent us are those people who are always by your side.

That is why some dreamers do not believe that their own friends are their threats. However, when you study those people who always bring problems in your life, gossip and are hypocrites, you find out that your friendships are really toxic and conflictive. Once the dreamer understands this situation, a louse dream will collect all these bad intentions.

What does it mean of dreaming of killing head lice? Of course, dreaming about lice can pose a risk to your social status. It is the clear representation that you do nothing for your life and others begin to understand it that way. That is, very soon you will be a person who instantly turns off and stops shining in front of others. Therefore, dreaming about lice should be a clear sign that something is not working properly in your life.

This article is informative content and at no time should or not it’s replaced by treating the matter with an expert psychologist or medical personnel specialized in neurology.



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