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Horoscope of the day, forecasts of December 8 sign by sign  


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08/12/2020 1:40 pm  

Are you curious to know if your zodiac sign is among the luckiest today? Find out with daily horoscope for all zodiac signs.


Start the day by discovering what the stars have in store for you: here is today's 8 December horoscope sign by sign.


A peaceful moment between you and the person who supports you. It is the right time to express your dedication to him. Neptune smiles at you and allows you to be understood as you wish, especially if you were born in the second decade. The Sun, ideally celebrated in the sign, gives a warm generosity to the character, combined with the desire to shine with undisputed protagonism. Pluto instead gives the ability to impose itself in all environments, with the strength of the charisma.


Ups and downs in mood don't affect the festive atmosphere you breathe in the family. Don't worry if you can't give friendships the attention you want. Neptune stimulates you to beneficially modify some traits of your personality, such as possessiveness towards your partner, especially if you were born between 7 and 10 May. Jupiter in an ideal celebration in the sign, gives the joy of preparing gastronomic delights, authentic culinary masterpieces that put their signature on memorable meetings and evenings.


The composition of the stars makes you effervescent on this feast day of the Immaculate Conception, especially in the circle of friends where you show off your personality. The Sun continues to sulk and your love complains that you are too interested in worldliness. Give them more time and you will see that these grievances will soon disappear. Pluto provokes in you the interest in the spicy which the chronicles show daily and this is another point in your favor to be sought after and desired.


A beautiful Uranus shines in the friendly sign of Taurus and smiles at you if you were born in June, opening a day of joy and peaceful sharing in the family. A little more intimacy to rediscover the essence of the union does not hurt those of you who need to strengthen the couple bond. The Moon encloses stable affections in its tender protective shell, ensuring that sociality is founded on family life and with a few, very trusted friends.


Strongly positive day of the Immaculate Conception with the Sun, your governor, in a harmonious corner that brings out the human warmth that is in you, in every environment you are. If you are looking for a soul mate, you will find that it is not that far away: you just have to activate your communication skills. Get busy and it will surely appear on the horizon. Episodes in which you overshadow yourselves can become very frequent because you do not feel admired and respected enough.


You can amaze everyone with your management skills. Do not give weight to an air of tension that is looming between you and your partner. Soon, the atmosphere of joy and celebration will make it disappear. Perfect when you make yourself available to welcome, you reveal yourself to be unparalleled hosts, organizers of the most congenial atmosphere: an atmosphere that will be formal if the participants request it, disengaged to the maximum, if it is a friendly group.


Sky of this day of celebration that appears particularly lucky, especially if you were born in the second decade and enjoy the protection of the Sun in Sagittarius. If you are still single, some friendly planets allow for exciting love affairs. A sign so marked by a social need, so eager to be in company, is suited to an art of receiving that is natural, simple and, at the same time, very refined.


Some mishap may help to show a bittersweet day with those around you, especially if you were born in the second decade. But don't worry: in the evening any bad mood, yours or that of others, will disappear as if by magic. Eros a thousand for all three decades. Scorpio is a very popular sign in unconventional areas, where you can bring out your own unscrupulous and counter-current verve. In the moments in which he opens his own home, anti-traditionalism leads him to want guests with broad mental views.


A phase of strong intimacy with your partner characterizes you, thanks to Venus and Jupiter in a good position with the close sign of Scorpio and Capricorn. It is time to make important choices and declarations to your love. However, only Neptune if you belong to the second decade invites you to moderate excessive enthusiasm. Neptune, the second lord of your sign, denotes curiosity, interests for different environments than usual, the ability to insert you, with whimsical participation


Venus returns to smile at you. Show off your calm and rational personality by managing to impose yourself in any environment with great grace. A wise Saturn invites you to be cautious in declaring yourself to those who make your heart beat, especially if you belong to the third decade. Madness and repeated flirtation instead for singles of the first decade gratified by the transit of Uranus. A lover of solitude, Capricorn seeks the company of his fellow men with selectivity and rigor, as the serious and intellectual Saturn, ideally lord of the sign, wants.


The Sun in Sagittarius looks kindly on you and promotes a serene expression of your personality on this day of leisure, especially if you were born in February. Neptune in disharmonic aspect to your sign may not make you tune with those around you. Know how to activate listening that is so important in the couple relationship and you will see that the air will change.


Feast of the Immaculate Conception which takes place in an atmosphere of cheerful confusion, an element that you do not mind, as you are used to appreciating the creative chaos. The Sun in Sagittarius can make you shy in declaring yourself with those who have lit a light of desire in you. The stars advise you, however, to dare. This sign sees snobbish manias averted, attracting the benevolence of those who have the same elective affinities.

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