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Things You Need to Know When Wearing Wigs in the Summer  


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02/07/2019 9:52 am  

The temperature is increasing everyday, the sun rises earlier and falls later everyday, the atmosphere flows slower and slower, everything is telling you that now is summer time. If you are a first-time wig wearer, you may start to wonder: is there anything different when wearing wigs in the summer? Is there anything I need to pay more attention to during the summer? The answers are Yes and Yes. Want to know how to keep cool during the summer? Just keep reading.

First: Choose the right hair styles and colors to better dissipate the heat.

Wearing a lace front wigs can be very uncomfortable during the summer because it is hot. Therefore, choosing a hair style or a color that dissipate the heat well can make you feel much better. But which hair style to choose? Easy, you just need to remember this: the shorter the better. Because longer hair will collect more sweat and other liquid, which causes your wig to be heavier, and add more heat to your scalp. Therefore, bob lace front wig

is a nice choice for summer.

For the Brazilian hair, we all know that darker color absorbs more heat. So it is not hard to come up with the conclusion that: lighter color=cooler scalp. Maybe it is time for you to try a 613 full lace wig or other ombre wigs

Second: Wash your wig more often and protect your hair from the sun.

You will sweat more during the summer, the sweat and oil will not only add weight to your wig, but also damage the wig cap and the human hair weave. Hence, it is important to wash your wig more often in the summer. And please remember to use conditioner when washing you hair.

If you like to enjoy the sunshine, or you need to stay outdoors for a long time, then it is critical to protect your hair from the sun. Strong sunlight can cause damage to everything, your wig won t be an exception. A hat is a simple option to protect your hair.

Third: Store your wig in a cool place and use specific wig cap designed for summer.

Store the wig in a hot place can breakdown your wig, so if you want to maintain your wig longer, definitely keep it in a cool condition. Also, there are wig caps and liners that are designed particular to have better ventilation. You can consider them when buying wig caps.


To wear a wig more comfortable in the summer, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, choose shorter hairstyle and lighter color for your wig. Summer is the perfect time to try some colored bundles with frontal. Second, wash your wig more often and wear a hat when exposing to sunlight for a long time. Last but not least, store your wig in a cool place and use wig cap that has better ventilation


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