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06/03/2017 9:03 pm  

 I just found out about this browser and am using it occasionally! Very nice work!

What is needed to finish this up is a decent bookmark manager.  This could even be as part of a paid professional type of feature.

As it is unfortunately, I can not really transition 100% to your browser, because I have other computers (running 10.4.11 and Linux) requiring me to have the import HTML bookmark type manager.

Otherwise, really great work.  The browser is really snappy on my computers and easy to use!!

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06/03/2017 9:16 pm  

Hey John,

Welcome to the Runecats community!
We're glad you like Roccat, we love it too!

We presume when you say a decent bookmark manager you mean bookmark folders?
If so, this is something we're working on but it's a difficult task to move from a linear structure to a tree structure 
without causing data loss / corruption - so it's something which could take a lot of time to get right.

If this isn't what you mean, could you clarify what you mean?

We have no intention on charging for a pro version, but we do accept donations, which goes straight back
into the development of Roccat.

All the best,
Matt Jones (Runecats Support)

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12/03/2017 12:55 am  

So, I just donated USD 20.00 to you guys.  😉

Yes, this is kind of what I mean.  Let me explain in more detail.

I am mostly running 10.4.11 and 10.6.8, and I need to use my bookmarks on both computers.  (Well actually many computers.)  The PPC Macs can easily run TenFourFox even though it is a dog...  Cats seem better as ROCCAT seems really to be the best option with 10.6.8.  Even more so, because new versions of TenFourFox are now crashing on 10.6.8.  (That's ok, it was never made for Intel Macs, I know.)  So, to share bookmarks between ROCCAT on my my 10.6.8 computers and my 10.4.11 computers I need to export to a standardized format like HTML and then import.  And yes, I do need folders.

Another option I might have to take is just put my bookmarks in HTML usuing BBEDIT or Dreamweaver 8 (Yes, it works still on 10.4.11 and 10.6.8) and then just manage the bookmarks like that.  A little inconvenient, but I am sure it would work.

All the best back, and thanks for supporting older platforms. 

Cheers, John

PS-Maybe I should just test 10.5 on my PPC Macs to see, if that would work.  But I have so much software that all works on 10.4.11...


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09/06/2020 10:55 am  

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