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Locked Down Lock down must rob! And the sequel Contagion is coming!  


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09/01/2021 10:55 am  



Doug Lyman's directing film, Locked Down, will be released on HBO Max streaming, taking in the current situation of living in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. เล่นสล็อต  And lockdowns in England as a background Which starring Anne Hathaway and Shivetel Ejiofort as Linda and Paxton, respectively. The story tells of two husbands and wives who were temporarily separated from their homes after the virus spread. And the official has an order to lock down The two had to communicate with each other via social media. Until they both came up with the idea that during this situation they might turn the crisis into an opportunity. Because jewelry in Harrods does not have the strictest care that is normal. But even so, this heist mission didn't seem that easy in this quest.



Although the outside media will have a bounce that Not very good with the movie trailer. Since the outbreak of the virus wreaks havoc on the lives and properties of people around the world, Locked Down takes the serious issue to make it a bad joke. Or even presenting couples who try to heal their failing marriage through robbery! However, the director like Doug. Lyman had an interview with foreign media that “I just wanted to make a movie with the backdrop of this situation. And must provide entertainment and excitement to the audience "



In addition to the two celebrities like Anne. Hathaway and Shivetel Aegio for then. In addition to supporting actor Ben Kingsley, Ben Stiller, Lucy Boynton, Stephen Merchant, Doolay Hill, Locked Down is a low-cost film used. Budget to create just 10 million dollars only. And took a short time to shoot, only 4 months Streaming on HBO Max on January 14th.


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