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why does my epson printer say offline  


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12/01/2021 11:43 am  

Many times the Epson printer owners confront why does my Epson printer say offline issue. Well, this error leads to the non-completion of printing tasks. With this blog guide you will get to know about the correct methods that will help you to fix offline errors in a simple manner.

The following are some of the reasons due to which why does my Epson printer says offline error happens.

·         If epson printer showing offline this means that it is due to a poor connection between printer and computer.

·         Epson Printer turns offline when there is any kind of hardware or software error.

·         Slower spooler service can make your printer goes offline.

·         Wrong Printer settings where the printer is not chosen as default printer can cause printer offline issue.

·        Out of the date printer driver can slower printer functioning.

 The techniques mention ahead will help you to remove why my Epson printer says offline error incorrect way.

How to fix why does my epson printer say offline?

The following techniques will help you to remove this common error.

 1. Troubleshooting Spooler Service if quit.

When spooler service gets stops, a person can experience epson printer getting offline issue. You need to follow the steps mention below:

·         Open Run box by choosing Windows logo + r key.

·         Type Services.msc and click ok.

·         Now, service window will get open.

·         Go to print spooler option and check the status whether it is running.

·         If the status is stopped then right tap on print spooler.

·         Choose Start option for resuming the service.

Now close the window and check if this the technique removes why my epson printer say offline error.


2. Confirming that Print Jobs are clear-If print is in the queue.

In many situations when the print queue gets stuck the printer begins to show offline. You can follow the techniques mention below to clear print jobs.

·         Click the start menu.

·       Open Run box.

·         Now type services.MSC.

·         Click ok for opening Service Window.

·         Afterward, choose spooler and right-tap to open properties.

·         Select Stop and click Ok button.

·         Afterward, you need to open Windows file explorer by typing
%windir%\System32\spool\PRINTERS in the search field.

·         Choose files from the printer folder and delete them.

·         Afterward, click spooler properties and tap on the start option.

·         Click the Ok button.

 You must restart the computer to see print jobs getting clear and print function will work correctly.


3. Ensure Printer is set to Default.

If your printer shows why my epson printer say offline error this can happen when printer is not set as default.

Steps to follow for making your Epson Printer set to Default:

·         Click Start Menu.

·         Open run box from Windows Search Box.

·         Now, type run and click enter.

·        In the run box, input control panel.

·        Visit Devices and Printer.

·     Afterward, from the printer list you need to choose your printer and right-click on it.

· Click on Set as default option.

·Once you do the above steps then you will see a green checkmark on the printer symbol

On completing every step carefully why my Epson printer says offline error will get a fix.




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