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15/03/2019 3:17 am  
Home brew beer equipment
Welcome to visit our Shandong Ruijia website.
This is Angela, and it;s my honor to introduce our professional home brew beer equipment for you.
Look at this brewhouse system,it is composed of mash tun/ lauter tank, kettle/whirlpool,  hot water tank and hops dosing tank. Plate heat exchanger with oxygenation device, wort pump etc.
The water and wort step heating is controlled by Digital Display program and completed automatically.
Brewhouse System
Items Technical Parameters
Working capacity 100L   per batch
Brewhouse type Can   be Customized.
Raw Material Food   grade stainless steel or red copper cladding.
Heating way  Electric   heating,  Steam heating,  Direct fire.
Insulation Rock wool   / 80-100mm
Tank wallOuter   wall 2mm / inner wall 3mm
Plate gapMilling   sieve plate ≤0.6mm; Material is SUS 304. (false bottom)
PolishingPolishing   precision up to mirror polish; better than Ra0.4µm
PlatformFood   grade Stainless steel 201

Cooling System

The Cooling system is composed of Ice water tank, Brazing chiller and ice water pump,
The water step cooling is controlled by Digital Display program and completed automatically.  
Cooling structure is dimple plate jacket.

Items Technical Parameters
ComposedIce water tank + Chiller + Ice   water pump.
Raw MaterialFood grade stainless steel or red   copper cladding.
InsulationPU/ 80-100mm
Tank   wallOuter wall 2mm / inner wall 3mm
ChillerBrazing Chiller, 1HP
Plate gap Milling sieve plate ≤0.6mm; Material is SUS 304.   (false bottom)
PolishingPolishing precision up to mirror   polish; better than Ra0.4µm

Fermenter system is composed of fermenter tank, bright beer tank, yeast added tank, etc.
The tradtional design of the fermenter’s cylinder and cone is double-jacket, the seal head is single-jacket, based on the original design,

NO.Items Introduction
01FV   Volume 100L/200L or customized
02FV   Volume 100L/200L or customized
03Raw Material Food grade stainless steel or   red copper cladding
04 Tank Wall Outer 2mm / inner 3mm.
05 Insulation Polyurethane, TH: 80-100mm
06 Glycol   jacket Dimple jacket on the cone and   side
07 Polishing Inside is Mirror polish

Control System
Digital Display semi-automatic controller: Simple operation, easy maintenance.
Cabinet material: stainless steel ;
Function: Show brewhouse tanks temperature, turn on/off all motors and pumps by button, control all fermenters/BBTs
/glycol tanks temperature, chillers soft start, supply power for CIP cleaning system and so on.

Our service:
A) Turn-key service are available.      
b) Overseas installments and training can be provided.
c) Beer recipes are free to share.   
d)Latest production techniques.
Package and shipping:Home Beer Brewing Equipment for sale


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