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How to Maintain Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump  


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The liquid-ring vacuum pump is a kind of coarse vacuum pump. The limit vacuum it can obtain is 2000-4000Pa. The series air ejector can reach 270-670Pa. The liquid-ring vacuum pump can also be used as a compressor, which is called water-ring compressor. It belongs to the low-pressure compressor. Its pressure scale is 1-2*105Pa gauge pressure.

The liquid ring vacuum pump began to be used as a self-suction pump, and then gradually used in many industrial sectors such as petroleum, chemical industry, machinery, mining, light industry, medicine and food. In many industrial processes, such as vacuum filtration, vacuum water diversion, vacuum feeding, vacuum evaporation, vacuum concentration, vacuum moisture regain and vacuum degassing, liquid ring vacuum pumps are widely used.

Because of the rapid development of vacuum technology, liquid ring vacuum pump has always been paid attention to in rough vacuum acquisition. Because the gas in the liquid ring vacuum pump is isothermal, it can extract flammable and explosive gases. In addition, it can also extract dust and water containing gases. Therefore, the use of liquid ring vacuum pump is increasing.

Compared with other types of mechanical vacuum pumps, liquid ring vacuum pumps have the following advantages: simple structure, low manufacturing accuracy and simple processing. Compact structure, high pump speed, generally can be directly connected with the motor, without the need for deceleration equipment. Therefore, with a small structural scale, large exhaust volume can be obtained and the area occupied is small.



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