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Next to the quarterback Bobby Okereke Jersey , the running back is probably the most important player on a football team. down the field in a multiplicity of ways. One way would be as a receiver or another and the most common, carrying the ball for a first down.Though the running back position is one of the most important on the field, the career of a tailback could last only five or six years. It may seem quite a short time for a star player to play, but if people realized the beating that running backs take they'd view the position from a different perspective.Running backs perform differently in different stages during their career. Their physical capability may diminish or the team surrounding them doesn't have enough star power to get the job done.The fact of the matter is, running backs peak and fade during different points in their career. Jim Brown Khari Willis Jersey , who's widely considered to be the greatest running back who ever lived, only played nine seasons in the league. During his career he won eight rushing yards titles, four league MVPs and an NFL Championship.Another superstar who went out on top was Barry Sanders. During his 10 year career with the Detroit Lions he was selected to 10 Pro-Bowls, led the league in rushing four times and was league MVP in 1997. All these accomplishments were achieved without ever playing in a Super Bowl.NFL rushers today have many more tools and training regiments than Jim Brown and Barry Sanders. But one thing is for sure; both hall of famers knew when to call it quits before they began to decline. Not all of the best football players are handpicked in the first round of the draft. Plenty of talent gets overlooked. This is because coaches don't see potential in people, think the player lacks maturity or flat out just aren't interested in the playing style the individual has to offer. There are many NFL players who were picked very late in the draft Josh Allen Jersey , like Tom Brady. Brady, being arguably the best quarterback in NFL history, was not scouted correctly out of Michigan. As a result, he was a sleeper pick who led the Patriots to many victories in the NFL and might win MVP once more in 2016. Though Brady was a sixth round pick, today will be talking about the best second round picks during the past 16 years.These second round picks were overlooked Jawaan Taylor Jersey , by peers, coaches and scouts. Coaches will shudder when they remember that they missed these guys in the draft, and it will haunt them forever. The NFL is a major corporation, so just like a similarly large workplace, projecting which workers will succeed the most can be very difficult. It is tough to hand-pick which guys will be true winners in the NFL Josh Oliver Jersey , and which will falter from their college days.This being said previously, the best scouts KNOW who will be good. The Patriots scouts have done a fantastic job of selecting the best guys, same with the Broncos, and Packers. Here are some second round picks who should have been first rounders.


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