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09/12/2019 7:53 am : Pea coats are always navy blue in color and double breasted in style. They are made from worsted wool. Worsted wool gets its name because of the way the wool is processed for the coats. : However, being judged under the legal microscope in a room full of elderly people, he found himself on the receiving end equivalent to the crucifixion: Under California's three strikes law, Darien Fawkes was sentenced to life in prison without parole.In a debatable turn of luck, his sentence was rather short lived when his older brother, Kevin, bailed him out, but under one condition: Darien volunteers to become a test subject at the lab he was working on his newest project at. Seemed simple enough, although Darien and Kevin had never been too close to begin with; not since they were children. Although they did support each other after their mom died, as Darien once said, "At the end of the day, it's just you and me." While growing up the boys had got along pretty well, but the both of them wound up leading completely separate lives into their adulthood Darien taking the path of a criminal, and Kevin the golden child who grew up to become a scientist (for that reason Darien had dropped out of college, seeing no reason to even try to compete with his brother).The I Project was kept highly classified, and Kevin kept Darien entirely in the dark about the whole thing.


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