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Update not working  


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25/11/2018 3:01 pm  

I have Version 8.3 (8.3) installed.  Each time I open Runecats a popup comes up saying there is version 8.4 available and to update.  I download and install and then it tells me I still have 8.3 and there is a new version.  I tried downloading the most recent version of Runecats from the website and it shows as 8.3.  Is there a version 8.4???  How to you actually update to this version?

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25/11/2018 8:19 pm  

Hello there,

Unfortunately there is a versioning issue on 8.4, which means 8.4 is showing as 8.3 even though it’s 8.4.

8.4 has a yes no generator, so if you type yes no into the address bar and it displays either yes or no as an answer you have the latest version!


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09/02/2019 9:58 am  

In version 8.3 this is the issue but in its updated version this issue is not there. printer offline fix helped me to get the solution so far. 


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