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Water Filling Method of Corrosion Resistant Vacuum Pump  


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Corrosion-resistant vacuum pump is composed of pump as the main pump and rotary vane pump as the front pump in series. In order to make better use of it, we should understand its water filling method. The following edition will give you a detailed introduction:
1. Artificial filling method: For small pumping stations whose diameter of intake pipe is less than 300 mm, there is usually a bottom valve at the inlet of intake pipe. Generally, artificial filling method is adopted, that is, the water is filled by a filling funnel (or an inverted ordinary bottle without the bottom of the bottle) from the special filling vent on the upper part of the corrosion-resistant vacuum pump shell. For small pumping stations with inlet pipe diameter less than 300 mm, a bottom valve is usually installed at the inlet of the inlet pipe, and water can also be filled into the pump from the outlet of the corrosion-resistant vacuum pump (the pumping station with shorter outlet pipe). Because there is no need to purchase other water filling equipment, this method of water filling is quite common in small pumping stations in rural areas at present.
2. For small pumping stations without bottom valves, check valves and short pipelines, the method of filling water into corrosion-resistant vacuum pumps from the outlet of the water pipe at the same time while starting can gradually bring out the air in the pumps and pipelines. Generally, after several minutes of continuous water filling, the pumps can work normally.
3. Vacuum water tank filling method: For small pumping stations without bottom valves, vacuum water tank filling method can be used. Vacuum water tank is a closed water tank welded with iron sheet. Its volume is at least three times that of the intake pipe. The installation position of the water tank should be as close as possible to the pump, and the height of the bottom of the water tank should be slightly lower than its axis. The height of the vacuum water tank is usually twice the diameter of the water tank.

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