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What Are the Causes Behind Osteoporosis?  


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26/09/2020 5:43 am  

Many people are aware of the fact that bones are alive   The End Of Gout Review    and are constantly growing. They change throughout our lives, with cells dissolving and new ones growing. With this lifelong turnover, we replace most of our skeleton every ten years. However, in people with osteoporosis, bone loss outpaces the growth of new bone. When the dissolved cells don't properly replace themselves, bones can become brittle, porous, and prone to fracture. So what are some of the causes of osteoporosis?

It has been scientifically proven that bone density is greatest in our early twenties. As you age, you can lose your bone mass from a variety of factors. Most people are aware of the fact that proper calcium intake is essential, but what are some of the other overlooked reasons? One of the causes includes low estrogen in women and low testosterone in men. In women, bone loss accelerates after menopause, a time when women have a quick drop in estrogen. Several hormones in the body play a major role in regulating bone density, and when those hormones and not in balance, your body fails to produce a strong skeleton.

Some other reasons for bone loss include lack of vitamin D, a sedentary lifestyle, thyroid conditions, smoking, certain medications, certain medical conditions, and too much alcohol. A few ways to decrease your chances of developing osteoporosis is to maintain a vitamin rich diet and a regular exercise regimen. Bones tend to weaken when they are not in use, so commit yourself to a daily fitness routine. Also try to avoid smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol as these toxins can arrest bone remodeling and increase your calcium loss. Applying some of these tips can help you achieve stronger bones in the future.


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