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2 Common Problems with Dating  


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22/10/2020 3:50 pm  

Online dating always calls for some efforts and some sacrifices for both men and women for it to flourish and blossom. You meet someone. You’re attracted to them. They’re attracted to you. Or you may be interested in someone that initially isn’t as interested as you. But dating sometimes is complicated for some reason. Thus, when problems with dating occur you ask yourself if finding a soulmate is still doable in this situation.

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How much communication do you want from somebody you are dating? Once, maybe twice a day is enough? Real communication encourages others to respond positively. We communicate best when our attitude, facial expressions and body language all cooperate in saying, “I am really interested in you”. Dating however is not a one-way conversation about ourselves but it is mutually shared experience that brings us closer to one another.

Some are having difficulty in expressing their feeling in the first meeting. It is important to be open and honest when dating so you will be both satisfied and you won’t have disagreements and expectations with each other. It is necessary to ask questions while dating. Asking questions is an effective way to encourage your partner to talk about himself/herself. Be active in listening when dating. Sometimes, listening is a difficult skill because many of us are often absorbed in our own thoughts. You can also use silent listening. It simply assures the other person through your manner, facial expression, your eyes and even your breathing that you are either bored or preoccupied or you are focused listening to him/her. When dating, and if you want this question answered, ‘how do I find true love’ you must acknowledge the person positively with the frame of mind that she/he is worthwhile and fully deserving of your attention and concentration while on a date.

According to Loveawake dating site research, 57% of communication happens online not in person. You can write him/her each day, every so often a few lines, or a long message, or just a few words that you know will hearten his/her spirit out. Some are too busy at work and any other commitments; this is the common reason why your partner will conclude that it’s better to cut off all communications than constantly worrying. Eventually, you will get used to not having them.


Another common problem with dating is compatibility. It is one of the key factors on which a successful relationship is founded. Some people are not compatible with their culture, values, and lifestyle but they manage to work it out somehow. Everybody got preference; age, education attainment, physical appearance, vice versa. It’s difficult to go alone and improve yourself but it’s more difficult to reintegrate yourself due to compatibility problems. You cannot force a relationship if the two of you are different.

A thought to ponder: Why you spend your time dating someone who doesn’t have the same mental compatibility? Compatibility is sharing things in common. Majority of people that go for a date considered that compatibility is one of the important factors to make the dating-relationship work out. Proper communications and identifying compatibility of one another would help a lot in finding a soulmate.

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29/12/2020 4:47 pm  

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