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Critical Rules to Avoid Repetition in Essay Writing  


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What is the reason that a well-thought-out, well-researched, and even grammatically correct essay fails to be impressive and does not get an A grade in write my essay?

Many students get a low grade and remarks such as ‘improve your vocabulary’ or ‘choose better words’ and wonder what is wrong? Let’s take a closer look at the essay and find out. One of the critical mistakes students make is that they repeat the same idea (no matter how great, it just doesn’t work that way), or the same words in a sentence or even develop entire paragraphs that way. Read the article to know all about the critical rules you should follow to avoid repetition in the essay.

Don’t start every sentence in the same way

The start of the sentence gives the first impression so it is important to start every sentence differently. Make sure that you don’t completely change the theme or tone while following this rule. After completing the essay, as you read it for proofreading in evaluation essay, you can also check for this mistake.

Adopt variability in sentence structure

The sentence structure plays a vital role in keeping the reader interested in the essay. Using the same structure will reflect poorly on you. Let’s take an example of a scene in a narrative essay,

‘I was sitting on my porch. My sister was playing with her doll. My brother was washing his car. The mailman dropped the letter on the ground.’

Doesn’t it seem monotonous? Now you know the importance of the sentence structure so make sure that you follow the rule of varying the sentence structure while writing the comparative essay.

Use diverse vocabulary

This is a common yet critical rule that everyone needs to follow while composing an essay. If I were to write my essay, I would keep the thesaurus tab open in my browser at all times. The moment I see repetition, I would go find another word for it. This saves time and helps you improve your vocabulary.

Avoid redundancy

Redundancy in a sentence means adding words that mean the same. Usually, redundancy occurs when synonyms are used in the same sentence. For example in pay for essay,

‘He felt uneasy and upset.’

Here, uneasy and upset have the same meaning and do not look good together. So, skip redundant words at all costs!

Become friends with Pronouns

We have already discussed that the same sentence start makes your essay dull. Here is one way to avoid this kind of repetition. Instead of using names repeatedly, use pronouns.

Stay away from alliterations!

If you are wondering what an alliteration is, it is the use of words that have similar sounds. ‘Come and collect colorful crayons.` The use of alliteration can enhance the beauty but if not used properly, it can ruin the essay too. So, use only if the alliterations fit the opinion essay.

Use different sentence and paragraph lengths

The length of sentences should vary throughout the essay, otherwise, the essay becomes monotonous. Paragraph length is also important to give the essay a better structure. However, we recommend you to avoid long sentences.

Avoid using the same transition words

Sometimes, all the sentences start with the same words like ‘well’, ‘then, ‘so’. This introduces repetition in the essay and makes it boring to read. List all the transition words and use a different one each time of narrative essays.

Let’s look at another example,

‘Henry looked out of the window. Henry saw a woman. The woman seemed old and aged. Henry did not recognize the woman.’

Now let’s compare it with another version, but this time using the rule.

‘Henry looked out of the window and saw a woman. She seemed old. He did not recognize her.’

If you carefully analyze, you will see I followed four of the rules here. I used pronouns, varied sentence length, removed redundancy, and diversified the sentence structure. The writing improves significantly with the use of these rules.


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