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Evaluating Sources for Your Academic Essays  


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Academic essays and other high-level essays require the students to consult scholarly sources such as research papers, articles, and books. With the advancement of technology and the increasing research all over the world, getting information has become an easy task. However, this ease accompanies with it many difficulties for the modern-day researcher. The boom of information has made the research tasking for an essay writer as they now sift through a plethora of academic information before finding the information they want. 


Their job isn’t done yet. They have to evaluate their sources too to make sure that the information is fit to be used in their essay. It takes a keen eye to judge the appropriateness of the information, no matter how relevant it appears to be. This comes out of practice but you can always fasten the process by heeding various source evaluation tips from other essay writers, researchers, and academics. 



Different Types of sources

There research information and sources can be divided into two different types:

  1.  Primary Sources
  2. Secondary Sources. 


Primary sources are made up of information about an event or a subject as it is produced in real-time. This primary source gives others an opportunity to observe what happened or what occurred for its audience of essay writing service. Other sources can use this information to talk about and analyze the event. In the process, they become secondary sources.


A primary source can be an authored writing incase of fiction, such as a poem or novel when you talk about the writing itself. But it turns into a secondary source if you use it to talk about an event or a subject. For example, using historical fiction, collection of letters, or diary entries in your writing to talk about a previous time makes these sources secondary.

Ways to Evaluate the Sources

Be critical about the author, and the publication

Make sure that you question the author’s reputation and research about his/her previous works. You can read into the text and get to know the context of the information. By reading the introduction of write my essay or glancing over the contents will give you enough information. Check for the publishers and their reputation for scholarly pieces, while also making sure that the date of publication if you are targeting a specific time. 


The argument

Diving into the text from start to finish is always a bad idea, especially when evaluating. You should instead scan the introductions, the abstracts, and the index if it's a book to get an idea of what it specifies about the main topic.


Once you deem it worth your time then you should go over the arguments with a critical eye. Check if the evidence is provided with each claim. Keep in mind the main argument of the text and the various assumptions that it takes while getting to a point of college essay


You can always look for a secondary source that critically evaluates the source. Using such information you can decide quickly.


The style and tone

Here you will try to tell the audience that the text means to address, and how objective the author’s take on the subject is. Make sure to take note of any impartial behavior when dealing with the evidence while also noting the present and missing counter-arguments. Make sure that the tone taken in the writing is objective and that personal opinions aren’t clouding the argument. 


The Authority

Lastly, you should check the bibliography and the references to check the sources used in the work. Work derived from popular sources such as online essay writer articles, blog posts, and general books should be avoided and you should give preference to the information that uses scholarly sources such as journal articles and papers.



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