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How to Combat Anxiety While Writing Essays  


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Many writers suffer from anxiety and feel pressurized writing academic essays; their essays suffer due to this and soon they lose their confidence in their writing and their self-esteem.

Most of these writers brush aside their writing anxiety as the source of their essay problems and instead blame it upon their writing prowess. The anxiety at times manifests itself as the writing block, and may eventually lead them to ask other writers to write their essays for them. “Help me write my essay,” you might find them asking their fellows and other essay writer they know. 

In order for these writers to better their writing performance, they have to first identify their source of anxiety and take steps over time to combat the issue.



What causes anxiety in readers?

Anxiety manifests itself in various forms, such as writer’s block, mind going blank, overworking the essay task, etc. Their causes are not rooted in a person’s psychology, but they are a manifestation of their not coping with the difficulty of the task, or their past writing experiences.

Many college students find it difficult to handle the lengthy and advanced academic writings in their first year. The jump from the high school-level writing to the college-level writing can get difficult for many students and cause them anxiety with each failed attempt or their failing grades.

The anxiety also stems from the pressure to perform better, especially when the reader or the instructor has a reputation to be strict and demanding of the essay assignments. Maybe, a previous negative criticism has made you over conscious of the task at your hand. This effect gets multiplied manifolds when there is an added time limit.

Strategies to combat anxiety and the writer’s block

You shouldn’t wait for the situation to solve on its own; don’t let your grades fall waiting for the problem to solve on its own. You should instead try various ways to solve such issues.

Take outside help

If you are struggling to write over and over again then you should seek help from a friend or a mentor to guide you through the writing process. Don’t hesitate to run by them the written parts and ask for feedback. Make sure you break down your tasks into smaller parts as they can be managed easily, while also allowing a quicker review process. 

Never isolate yourself, instead join a writing group or work in groups so you can always have someone to support you and give you confidence while correcting your mistakes and appreciating your writing. 

Reevaluate your writing prowess

The anxiety can creep in unnoticed at times and chip at your confidence over time. Such that you will find your writing mediocre and not up to the required standards when only a few weeks/months earlier you could write well. 

Here you should take a breather and reevaluate your strengths that you once identified with your writing and those that you identify still. This includes any process related to essaywriter, such as researching, critical reading, and writing for the audience, etc.

You will soon find that you haven’t lost your strengths and can still write on that level.

Understand that dabbling in advanced writing brings anxiety at the start

You have to understand that anxiety is a natural occurrence when you start something new or when you take on advanced techniques for the first time. Such is the case with college-level writing; however, if you succumb to the anxiety (thinking of it as something abnormal) you will not only halt your progression but in fact degrade your writing. 

Try new techniques to get out of the writer’s block

You can overcome the block by dividing the tasks into small manageable tasks. Each task will give you a sense of accomplishment and push you further.

You can also give the freewriting technique a try. The process allows you to write whatever that comes to your mind on a topic, including random and rambling thoughts, in a timed session. The technique allows you to write without worry and remove the block.

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