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How to Revise Your Essay Drafts  


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Many essays writing tutorials and tips will tell you to get to the essay draft as quickly as possible. And they are right, as getting to the draft as early as possible allows you to fill information, gathered through research, at the optimal positions. Getting the draft down as early as possible will give you more time to revise the essay thoroughly. 

The revision process requires the essay writer to be critical of the essay and check if each and every part justifies its place, while also checking for the coherence of blocks of information, as well as their unity. 

It checks if each idea and the analysis connect to the central thesis and helps take the discussions forward. You look for the bigger picture while revising; you don’t waste time on sentence-level corrections but instead, focus on whether the essay question is being answered and the problems are tackled with proper researching and with the provision of evidence.



What revision isn’t

The reader often confuses the proofreading process with other processes of the write my essay for me.

  • It is not proofreading: Proofreading comes after revising. This process involves focusing on correcting the sentence level punctuation, grammar, and spelling.
  • It is not editing: Theediting process focuses on the content of the sentences. It concerns itself with the word choice, writing voice, redundancies, repetitions, along with the things in detail while revisions focus on the bigger picture. 

The revision process

The revision process should not be done at the same time all at once. It is important to make sure there are gaps in between each revision session. The process should be an iteration and work in cycles. After you are done with the draft it is important to take a break and immerse yourself in some other activity to get your mind off of the writing, so the familiarity will get dusted off when you come back to the essays. Take such breaks after every iteration.

  • Check the unity of the essay

Make sure that the essay keeps to the topic and doesn’t add unnecessary information or ideas to the essay. Any parts of the write my essay that don’t focus on the topic should be either modified or removed.

  • Check if your thesis requires changing

The thesis in the draft won’t always be your final thesis. During the review process, you will see the essay content change as you remove and add new points and change or eliminate the several old ones. This may change the central argument of the essay. However, nothing that a few tweaks in the thesis can’t absorb. 

  • Make sure each point or idea is dealt with to its fullest

There must be various points and ideas that you need to discuss in each essay. You will realize that some points are denser than others in their information and complexity, while others are simple and straightforward. Your writing will come out bad if you give the same amount of time to each set of ideas. 

To make your thoughts complete you have to explain one part more than others and you must.

  • Tinker with the organization 

Check if moving around parts of your writing and fiddling with the free essay writer, structure creates a better flow of logic and thought. Some writers prefer to place their strongest points or the most important points first; you can try that approach.

  • Check your evidence and examples

Make sure you have analyzed the evidence in your writing. You should check the evidence for its accuracy and its presentation. After then check if you have informed the reader how the evidence supports your claims and why they do so. 

  • Check the conclusion of the essay

The custom college essay conclusion shouldn’t be a mere enumeration of the main points. Make sure the conclusion has covered all the points informing the reader of the objective they have achieved. You can also check if you have or if you can provide additional information such as whether further research is required on the topic or not, etc.

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