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Learn to Craft Effective Body Paragraphs  


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Various paragraphs connected together in logic and idea form the main body of the essay. These paragraphs include several arguments, ideas, and analysis. In the traditional style of essay writing, mostly taught in schools, you only write three main body paragraphs, each paragraph with its own leading idea. 

However, when you go into higher education you will find your essay writing to be more fluid and your paragraphs more amorphous. You will soon find that following the 5-paragraph format will lead to a low performing limited essay. You might find yourself asking your peers and essay writer. With the right guidance, you can learn in no time how to break free of the traditional and restrictive essay paragraphs. 



What is a paragraph?

A paragraph forms when a sentence or a group of sentences, make a complete thought that can stand on its own and at the same time contribute to a central theme. The main criteria for a paragraph to pass as one is not its length or the structure, “Help me write my essay paragraphs,” but the coherence and unity within and between the sentences.

Deciding on paragraphs for the essay

During the brainstorming and researching phase, you will come up with various ideas and points regarding your central topic. You can categorize and classify similar ideas in the planning stage. An idea doesn’t always need several sub-points to make it a complete one; one idea can take up a paragraph on its own. Make sure that each of these ideas, either working together or working as a collection, supports the central thesis. 

Once you decide on the paragraph topics— the supporting idea within—you can create a general outline at first and then expand on it as you go forward in the essay writing service. Make sure that the paragraph’s content is unified on a single idea and coherent in its description, arguments, and analysis. 

What goes into a paragraph

The paragraphs are crafted and organized according to the essay type. For essay types that include creative writing, you will need to follow a chronological fashion or one that is classified according to the subject.

Many other college essay such as classification and process essays have specified requirements for their paragraph, where they use each paragraph to explain a sub-part of a larger subject or process.

Argumentative and persuasive essays have specific structures for their paragraph ranging from the Classical Aristotelian Method to Modern methods such as the Rogerian Method. Here each paragraph discusses a part of the arguments and connects together to form a complete and comprehensive argument.

How to develop a paragraph

The paragraph development goes through the various stages:

Developing the paragraph’s controlling idea 

The controlling idea is the main idea for the paragraph which it will try to explain and justify. Each paragraph will have a controlling idea that will be presented at the start of the paragraph as the topic sentence.

Explaining it further

You will proceed to explain the idea further adding depth to it with some background information.

Provide Evidence and Examples

Your idea won’t be credible until and unless you provide it with authoritative evidence. As you go into your higher education, you are expected to provide evidence that is derived from scholarly sources

Provide the warrant

The evidence shouldn’t be left on its own, your instructor expects you to explain to the reader why the evidence works and how exactly it supports the controlling idea. This part tests your critical analysis. Analytical and expository college essay help have a tendency to have their paragraphs styled with a subject or a point in mind, dividing the subject into several categories for the ease of their analysis.

Conclude and allow for a transition into the next paragraph 

Lastly, you should conclude the paragraph by showing the reader how the idea connects to the main thesis while also hinting towards the next paragraph if possible.


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