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Where online shopping in Pakistan at the moment is approached by many consumers, some individuals have departed their ways from online shopping because of their flawed experiences. One of the reasons could be not enough details provided. For someone who could not visit the store physically would have to order packages online. To entertain and to satisfy such consumers brands must provide the finest image and description of their articles. The descriptions and specifications regarding every product are scarcely available in the local stores. Brands, however, do not feel the need to aware of the consumers with what their product consists of. On the other hand, there are even some top-notch brands that at times do not even give the appropriate product’s view. Manufactured goods on the websites should be with proper displays and descriptions. Nevertheless, the Warehouse provides pictures and descriptions of their articles which are enough comprehensible for customers to figure out what they are ordering. They have properly photographed products on their website so that customers do not feel the need to inquire more about the product. The Warehouse makes sure that its customers do not face troubles while they order merchandise from their website.


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