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How to use the Cash App direct deposit for the tax refund?   


Lucy Margaret
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05/01/2021 9:13 am  

If you happened to file a federal income tax return in 2018 or 2019 or you don’t normally file a tax return, but would still like the money to go to Cash App. As per the company, users can get a tax refund on Cash App for this there are few requirements. 


If you want to know how to use the Cash App direct deposit for a tax refund then you need to read this blog. Here in this article, we explain to you the easy process to get the tax return on Cash App. 


You must, first of all, get the account or routing number from Cash App and share it with the IRS department for a tax refund on Cash App. And one after the paychecks strikes your debts. You can use this as the normal Cash app balance and can send it to a friend, invest it with a debit card, buy bitcoin, or draw it into another account.


Set-up direct deposit to get the Cash App tax refund: 


In the United States, thousands of people received tax refunds with Cash App. If you want to do the same and get the stimulus checks or tax refund then it are required that you should have a routing and account number for your account.


 So to quickly receive the tax refund, first of all, enable direct deposit on your Cash App account. Following are the steps that you need to take to set-up Cash App direct deposit and get the tax refund


1. Log in to your Cash App account. You need to get the routing and account numbers for your Cash App account. Without this, it isn't feasible to acquire the tax refund on Cash App

2. On the screen, click on the Banking tab.

3. Here choose the option of enable direct deposit 

4. Once you click on it you will see the routing or account number on the screen note it down

5. You should also activate a Cash App card


After you successfully enable the direct deposit on Cash App then you can easily get the Cash App tax refund. If you filed a tax return in 2018 or 2019 then you are qualified for it. The IRS department uses the past data to decide who qualifies for the Cash App tax refund




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