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Mandatory Earthing Setup to Dissipate the Electrical Faults that Happen to Occur  


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21/11/2020 12:14 pm  

The worst thing you can do with your electrical installation is the exclusion of maintenance free earthing system provision as in case of any fault occurrences any person or an electrical/electronic surge device in this unprotected zone can potentially conduct electricity through them. To be secure, you have to have a grounding setup installed for the electrical faults to be dissipated to the ground otherwise electrocution can often lead to damaging fire hazard. Being in the era of technological advancement and evolution where the power variation is a frequent occurrence due to various natural phenomena, we must think of protection to the advanced and complex electrical/ electronic devices. Earth being an excellent conductor can conduct the excessive voltage and maintain the standard operating conditions and so for any electrical installation or network inclusion of an earthing connection should not be kept unnoticed. If you are really looking for the safety of man, then electric earthing provision is a must that will prevent a person from being that conductive path for the electrical faults.

Know the Options Available to Setup Earth Connection

Conventionally, to ensure electrical safety we practiced methods which seek early replacement and frequent maintenance because of which they are gradually discontinued. The traditional earthing setup which included salt charcoal backfilling compound with pipe or plate conductor were subjected to faster corrosion and hence the life span of the whole setup is lowered. Both nationally and internationally recommended alternative for this traditional grounding and earthing installation is Maintenance Free Earthing System as they are long lasting compared to typical salt charcoal earthing system.

Know Which Method to Choose for Greater Reliability

As we already know highly sensitive and sophisticated machineries must have a long lasting earth connecting setup for its unstoppable and secure operation we need to opt for traditional alternative solutions. It can be system or equipment earthing which on detection of electrical issues/ faults ensures that no excess or overcurrent can make its way into the protected device rather they can be easily dissipated to the ground. You would need to connect the exposed parts of the sensitive equipment to the conducting earth mass utilizing a ground rod/ electrode that provides zero potential surface around such as using copper bonded steel rods along with earth enhancement compounds.

After being aware of the drawbacks of conventional technique, JMV offers Maintenance Free chemical earthing system latest technology strictly complying with the IS 3043: 2018 and National building code 2016 which is a reliable and durable technique as it involves Copper bonded rods as the grounding rods which is buried deep under the soil surrounded by earth enhancement compound. Copper bonded rods complying to the standard IEC 62561-2 are manufactured by coated 250 microns of pure electrolytic copper over high tensile low carbon steel and this concoction is fair enough for phenomenal conductivity and strength which would ensure a safe conducting path to the ground as the electric current always takes a low resistance path to the ground. Now, to work on the resistivity and moisture retaining attribute of soil surrounding the rod, use carbon based earth enhancement compound complying to IEC 62561-7 and IEEE 80 which conditions the soil due to the fact that the normal soil does not retain moisture and also does not offer conductivity.


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