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'CP ALL' informed 'SET' after the acquisition of “Tesco” was completed.  


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20/12/2020 3:57 am  





The reporter reported that CP All Public Company Limited or “CPALL” had notified the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) on December 18, 2020, referring to the information that the Company had notified the Stock Exchange of Thailand on 9 Min. 2020, regarding investments สล็อตxo in Tesco Stores (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (and Tesco Stores (Malaysia) Sdn.Bhd. (Tesco Asia Group Investment Transaction), whereby such investments are indirect investments through special purpose entities. The company established for investment is CP Retail Holding Company Limited, which is the shareholder of CP Retail Development Company Limited. Has been completed



By Mr. Somsak Kiattichailak The Secretary-General of the Office of the Competition Commission (OCT) said that such a business combination resulted in the business operators seeking permission Which is a business operator that dominates the market in the modern retail market Consumer goods in the category of small retail stores Will have more market power But not a monopoly And such a business combination is necessary for business and will bring more benefits to business promotion.



It may also result in a significant reduction of competition. But does not cause serious damage to the economy As well as does not affect the important benefits that should be obtained of the general consumer In the case of the Consumer Foundation to sue the administrative court It is a right that can be done If it is a person who is affected Or is there any damage And how will the issue be filed? You must look at the details again.


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