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Doi Inthanon - Angkhang is cold. Mei, the legs appear completely white. But in a cool city  


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25/12/2020 5:42 am  




In the north, the weather is as cool as the city has air-conditioned. While on Doi Inthanon Keep cold Watch the long legs in the midst of only 2 degrees of extreme weather, while Doi Ang Khang Mei is next day 3, but there are no people to see.



At 07:30 on 25 Dec '20, the atmosphere in the morning of Chiang Mai There was still a cold weather as if the air was being turned on all over the city. Will be very cold The measured temperature is about 15 degrees Celsius, then it will become warmer. When the sun rises  ทดลองเล่นสล็อต And it turns colder again when the sun sets in the evening Especially during the near dawn, the weather becomes more intense and cold. Especially those who live on high mountains, the weather is colder than the flat. Most of the villagers living in Thailand are hill tribes. There will be a way to make a fire to relieve the cold during this time.



As for the atmosphere at Doi Inthanon, Chom Thong District, Chiang Mai Province, which is a popular place for tourists, the weather is very cold. The temperature of the day has not yet reached 2 digits, so cold until frost. Or Mei Khap continued for several days Which is a natural phenomenon that has not happened for a long time like this before



Mr. Kriengkrai Chaisaksit, Head of Doi Inthanon National Park, Chom Thong District, Chiang Mai Province, informed that this morning is still the same, thousands of tourists continue to go up to see the sea of ​​mist. Watch the morning sun And look at the natural phenomenon or what the northern people call meikhab, which occurs from the cold for several days With excitement And everyone is still not disappointed, able to experience the real thing Among the lowest temperature measured 2 degrees at the top of Doi and Kio Mae Pan While the office of the park can measure only 6 degrees, this day happens all over the mountain, very beautiful too.


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