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Andrew Luck is a giant of a man. When healthy White Braden Smith Jersey , he’s a great quarterback. As he approaches his 30th birthday, however, a fair question has arisen regarding the first overall pick in the 2012 draft.Does Luck has a durability issue?After three seasons of starting 16 games per year, Luck has ping-ponged between making it through all or most of full season and missing more than half of it. In 2015, he played only seven games. In 2016, he started 15 games. In 2017, he didn’t play at all. In 2018, he played every game — and he played incredibly well.This year Braden Smith Jersey 2019 , it’s looking less and less likely that he’ll be ready for Week One. With a calf strain now becoming a “little bone issue” (which doesn’t sound so little, especially when coming from a man with a history of embellishing Luck’s health), who knows when Luck will be ready to go? Who knows whether he’ll stay healthy, if/when he ever gets healthy?The Colts have to be concerned about the possibility that Luck’s career will continue to be characterized by periodic absences due to a variety of ailments and conditions. Although no one wants to be regarded as injury prone, history shows that Luck is prone to being injured. At some point, it will surely affect the manner in which the Colts regard Luck.Signed through 2021, Luck will make $21.125 million this year, $22 million next year White Kemoko Turay Jersey , and $21 million in the final year of his contract. Given the current state of the market, that’s a bargain. If he can’t play, it’s a ball and chain.Which makes the team’s decisions regarding its backup quarterbacks critical. Jacoby Brissett enters the final year of his rookie deal. Would the Colts offer him significant money to remain in Indy as the backup? Would they use the franchise tag to keep him in place for 2020? (They definitely have the cap space to do it.)And where does Chad Kelly fit into this equation? Does he become the new Brissett as of 2020?Whoever the backup may be, the Colts will need a good one. Because they need to factor Luck’s potential for future injury into their overall roster planning. The Colts hold a grudge against Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, the man who reneged on a verbal deal to succeed Chuck Pagano. Well, not everyone with the Colts feel that way. The may who became the coach isn’t upset that McDaniels ultimately did an about face.“Very glad about that,” Reich told Patriots reporters on Tuesday, two days before facing the Patriots and McDaniels. “Certainly very glad about that. It鈥檚 a funny league Kemoko Turay Jersey 2019 , strange circumstances, lot of things out of my control, so I can try to control the controllables and thankful for the opportunity that I have.”The Colts ultimately were happy that McDaniels had a change of heart before officially arriving, given that it would have been a lot worse if McDaniels had shown up and then realized he wanted out. And it was the surprise decision of McDaniels to stiff the Colts that caused the Colts to consider Reich, who previously wasn’t on the radar screen.


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