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Why Sarah, Michelle Gellar and Salma Blair's mouth-sucking scene in Cruel Intentions is legendary.  


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Cruel Intentions is a classic 1999 teen movie that was ahead of its time. Because the movie talks about the sex of teenagers in a frenzied manner. Until considered a movie "Secretly watching adults" in that era ever


Sebastian (Ryan Philippe), a handsome noble boy who likes to play with girls. His heroism is that the young and large women must be fascinated with unparalleled charm. However, he and Catherine (Sarah Michelle Gellar), half sister. Always like to challenge in their own ทดลองเล่นสล็อต impulsive heroism By Catherine herself is the student body president in high school. At the plot of the destruction of the Virgin of the Virgin Annette Glove (Reisswitter Spooner), a young woman who believes in love. And see that having sex before the beginning of love and affection is not appropriate



Catherine made a irresistible offer that If Sebastian could take her virginity from Annette She will sacrifice to her own brother. But if Sebastian fails His beautiful Jaguar will be yours, Cecil (Salma Blair), another rich daughter who doesn't seem so naive in sex. Catherine then volunteers to be the one to guide her. But the reality of Catherine's mind is to find a way to get Cecil to be tainted by previous Cecil's girlfriend Claude. Reynolds is Catherine's ex-lover!



The kissing scene that has become a memorable scene in the world of cinema is when Catherine tries to teach him how to kiss a man. By experimenting with kissing with a close friend Although at first Cecil was flabby But Catherine told Cecil to close her eyes and try to start by touching her lips gently. When you can skip the first step Catherine then started the stage later by telling her that she would put her tongue in Cecil's mouth and have her use her tongue to push Catherine! The highlight scene is the scene where they take their mouths apart and their saliva sagging! From their mouths



The legend of the scene was also guaranteed to be the best kiss scene when the MTV Movie + TV Awards awarded it in 2000, and this year due to the coronavirus outbreak, MTV was unable to hold the event. Can be in normal agenda This year's awards ceremony is themed around the MTV Movie & TV Awards: Greatest of All Time special, where Salma Blair and Sarah Michelle Gellar returned to the 2020 Legendary Lip Lock category as the two attempted to deliver a post-winning speech. The duo also tried to bring the memorable scenes back to the audience live again. But there has to be a big twist.


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