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Tips for controlling mice and rats in storage stores  


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Mice and rats are a particular problem in stored supplies. They are more interested in processed grain, but they can also cause great damage in the grain store by eating them. Equally important is the contamination of the grain with droppings. Their occurrence can be easily recognized during controls based on faeces, traces of eating and walking. You should react to the first signs to prevent the rodents from multiplying.

Mice against mice

Only Ratron poison lenses are permitted as pesticides for stored goods . The agent can be laid out in suitable indoor bait stations. They must be checked regularly for signs of feeding until they are no longer taken up.

Tips to mice control

Plant protection experts can use these second generation anticoagulants occasionally and in small amounts in their own company (not for third parties) (i.e. not daily or even in large amounts once).

Information on the choice of standing words and the number of bait stations can be found in the instructions for use. The bait needs to be more attractive than the supplies. If there are acceptance problems, the bait must be changed. The bait stations should be checked every 2 to 3 days if possible.

Dead rats and mice must be removed to prevent secondary poisoning in cats, dogs and other animals. Protective gloves must be worn when laying the bait and removing dead animals.

When using anticoagulants against rodents to protect stored products, the prescribed warning notices must be attached. As with plant protection products, the applications must be documented. The control should only be stopped when the daily bait consumption falls below 5% of the maximum amount eaten. As accompanying measures, the sealing of the buildings and the removal of leftover feed and water points are important.

Your Trusted Toronto Mice Control Experts. Distinguish rat and rat harm. Inspect conditions helpful for rodents. Seal/Close passage and leave focuses. Introduce traps or live pen trap. Review soffit and eave regions. Return and eliminate traps. 1 Year sustainable guarantee. Likewise one-time features are accessible.


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