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OPPO Find X3 will be launched in 2021 with a new imaging system. More accurate and realistic  


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19/11/2020 3:30 am  



OPPO has launched a mobile imaging system called "Full-path Color Management System" (a complete color management system) that will be used with the slotxo premium smartphone OPPO Find X3 that will be launched in Year 2021



The system of such photography Covering all operations steps From recording, storing and displaying images in full DCI-P3 color standard and 10-bit color.



Shooting with this system It starts capturing through the camera lens. It then uses a team of algorithms and hardware to perform precise processing, noise reduction, and noise correction. To get the highest resolution images



The newly developed system It supports the DOL (Digital Overlap) HDR sensor that Sony has developed over the years, unlike conventional HDR in that it can simultaneously capture multiple levels of image exposure while the subject is moving.



The images are then stored in the HEIF format that supports 10-bit color and has a file size smaller than the 8-bit JPEG that supports the most, and the image is smoother. And can bring better decorations too



Finally, the system will display an image on the OPPO screen that has been produced to show the light and color of the image with an accuracy of 0.4 JNCD.



OPPO has developed this new imaging system in collaboration with Zhejiang University of China, where it has been tested and processed to achieve the best possible display of images.


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