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China recovered strongly Export record high  


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08/12/2020 9:02 am  


On Dec. 7, foreign news agencies reported that Chinese exports in November rose sharply in nearly three years due to increased demand in the global market  สมัครสมาชิก sloxo ahead of the holiday season. Helping China reach a record trade balance It is a key sign that China, the world's second-largest economy, is recovering after the COVID-19 outbreak. That resulted in the business stagnating and shrinking at the beginning of the year.



Chinese exports in November rose 21.1 percent from a year earlier to US $ 268 billion, due to surging demand for medical products and electronics. Exports were the highest since February 2018, 12% higher than expected and 11.4% better than October, marking the sixth consecutive month of growth in the first 11 months of the year. Textile exports, including face masks, rose 33% as a result of measures to curb COVID-19. However, imports grew 4.5 percent, 7 percent lower than expected and slightly lower than the previous month.



This case resulted in China trade surplus in various countries. Globally, it was $ 75,420 million in November, up from $ 58.440 million in October and the most on record going back to 1990, according to Bloomberg. Economists have analyzed that this was the result of urgent exports before Thanksgiving and Christmas. And warned that purchases related to COVID-19 Many will not happen again. And it is expected that there will be a global circulation of goods and services around the world as vaccines are available to reduce social spacing.


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