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Thai stocks closed up 11.51 points, Big Cap shares welcomed Fund Flow  


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04/12/2020 10:41 am  


Mr. Weerawat Wirojpoka, Director of Securities Analysis of Finansia Syrus Securities, said today the Thai stock market rose in line with the international market. The Asian stock markets were mostly positive. Like the European market, trading this afternoon was about 0.5% positive, as did the slightly positive Dow futures. From the expectation of economic recovery after the development of a vaccine against COVID-19


However, our home market is still driven by the flow of Fund Flow. As a result, large stocks rose. Including stocks in the energy group, the petrochemical group And bank groups Leading the market today The energy sector, in particular, was driven by the results of the meeting of the สมัครสมาชิกสล็อต Petroleum Exporting Countries and the Allies (OPEC Plus), which approved a reduction of 7.2 million barrels per day of oil output. From the current level of 7.7 million barrels / day. It will take effect from January next year, however, when the index goes up to test at 1,450 points, it will face profit-taking force on the way. In order to reduce the risks after going up a lot And there is also an epidemic factor for the coronavirus. In the country Including our home market will be closed for several days


Investment Outlook for the next week, Mr. Weerawat said the market will be tight. Since the market is open for only 2 days and still need to monitor the situation of the coronavirus outbreak In the country closely Outside of the country, the country will be looking forward to the number of Chinese imports and exports next week. Tonight, keep track of US non-farm employment numbers.


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