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Cambodia found another worker returning from Thailand with COVID-19  


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07/01/2021 2:34 am  




A statement from the Cambodian Ministry of Health said: Cambodia found one other Cambodian worker who returned from Thailand and tested  slotxo  positive for the COVID-19 virus, bringing the total number of Cambodian workers who have returned from Thailand and infected with COVID-19 to date.

The statement said The patient was a 28-year-old man who returned to Cambodia via land border. On Saturday (2 Jan) ago, he added that "The test results for COVID-19 The example of such a man is positive. And now he is in the process of receiving treatment at the Pailin Hospital. "



Xinhua news agency reported that Thousands of Cambodian workers have returned from Thailand. Which has found an outbreak of COVID-19 Large in Samut Sakhon Province last month



The ministry said Cambodia had detected 383 cases of COVID-19 to date. Without seeing the patient died And there were 362 fully cured patients.


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