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QR Generator Factory
QR Generator Factory
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QR Generator Factory provides a similar user interface to our popular QR Generator Pro app, but rather than designing single QR codes, QR Generator Factory is a batch processing QR Factory – allowing you to design your QR code and then creates 100’s of QR codes in seconds. Simply use an un-headered CSV file and let QR Generator Factory do the rest!

QR Generator Factory allows you to enter as much data as you like, and offers many different content types such as Text, Email, Calendar events, Wi-Fi networks, URL,

Phone numbers including FaceTime), SMS (including WhatsApp), Social profiles and Contact cards (VCard and MeCard). For the URL content type we also offer the ability to shorten the URLs making the QR less complicated.

QR Generator Factory offers a huge range of tools to design your QR code, including the ability to set it to any color, create linear or radial gradients or even clip images to them. You can also set shadows in any color and set background colors (or have it transparent).

QR Generator Factory allows you to add your logo to the QR code and choose its size and position on the QR and also has the ability to add borders to the code, with control of the border size.

QR Generator Factory, includes the ability to set correction levels and color spaces of RGB, CMYK and Grayscale.

QR Generator Factory has a built in QR verifier so if you see ‘ QR Code Verified’ you know your code can be read!

You can export your QR code in EPS (Vector), TIFF, PNG, PDF (Vector) or you can copy to the clipboard or drag the QR onto another app.

Unlike our main competitor we can export EPS with gradients and can export PDF with gradient and transparency.

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