Who are Runecats?

Runecats were founded in 2004, and eventually went online in 2006.
Runecats is run by our RuneCEO Nathan, with his brilliant team from all around the world.
We run as a community who are not afraid to think different.

What are we about?

Runecats are not a profit focused company, our main interest is you!
Our Roccat Browser Project for example is completely free of charge and actively worked on.

Profits from our other software goes straight back into doing great things with our current projects and starting up new projects.

What do we do?

In simple terms, we make great products.

Expanding on this we do tons of research, spend lots of time on working on UX and UI and have some of the best software engineers around. Our Roccat Browser project is still very close to our hearts, and we have been developing browsers since 2004!