FusedBar Aware

Roccat 7 introduced a new feature called FusedBar Aware, which enhances FusedBar by using AI and Regular Expression to provide you with answers to questions you may ask. This page gives a few examples in each category Roccat supports.


Finding your local weather
Example what’s the weather

Finding your local weather forecast
Example what’s the weather forecast

Find the weather forecast for a specific place
Format [place name] weather forecast
Example paris weather forecast

Find your local humidity
Example humidity

Find out when sunrise is in you area
Example when is sunrise

Finding your local weather for tomorrow
Example what’s the weather tomorrow

Finding your local weather forecast
Example what’s the weather forecast

Find the weather for a specific place
Format [place name] weather
Example paris weather

Find your local wind speed
Example wind speed

Find out when sunset is in you area
Example when is sunset

Time & Date

Finding yesterday’s date
Example yesterday

Find the time
Example time

Finding the date of a holiday
Example easter
Example black friday

Finding the current day
Example date

Finding tomorrow’s date
Example tomorrow

Find place time
Format [city or country name] time
Example new york time


Finding a famous person’s age
Format [celebrity name] age
Example donald trump’s age

Finding a famous person’s birthday
Format [celebrity name] birthday
Example will smith’s birthday

Find out who the US president is
Example president

Finding a famous person’s birthplace
Format [celebrity name] birthplace
Example hillary clinton’s birthplace

Finding a famous person’s net worth
Format [celebrity name] net worth
Example mark zuckerberg net worth


Find how many calories a food item has
Format [food name] calories
Example white toast calories

Find how much sugar a food item has
Format [food name] sugar
Example banana sugar

Find how much fat a food item has
Format [food name] fat
Example quarter pounder fat


Finding the population of a place
Format [place name] population
Example london population

Find a company/store address
Format [company/store name] address
Example apple orlando address

Finding the capital of a country
Format capital of [country name]
Example capital of france

Finding the distance between two places
Format [place name] to [place name] distance
Example france to spain distance

Finding out if a company/store is open
Format is [company/store name] open
Example is walmart open


Example 10+10-5
Example 10*50+(10+10)

Round numbers
Example round(10.4445)
Example round(10+10.444+0.3)

Format [value]% of [value]
Example 20% of 76

More advanced math
Example cos(10+80)+tan(100+90)
Example sqrt(103)

Finding the value of something
Example pi
Example googol


Find a song from lyrics
Format find song ‘[song lyrics]’
Example find song ‘what does the fox say’

Find song duration
Format [song name] song duration
Example the real slim shady song duration


IMDb rating
Format [movie name] rating
Example alien rating

Find movie director
Format [movie name] director
Example avatar director

Find movie release date
Format [movie name] release date
Example dawn of the dead release date

Rotten Tomato rating
Format [movie name] tomato rating
Example world war z tomato rating

Find movie genre
Format [movie name] genre
Example avengers genre


Find your IP address
Example what’s my ip

Find your IP location
Example location

Find your ISP
Example what’s my isp

Find your name
Example who am i

Currency & Conversions

Get current currency conversions
Format [value][currency code] to [currency code]
Example 10gbp to usd
Example 10cad to bitcoin

Other conversions
Format [value][type] to [type]
Example 10km to miles
Example 18 stone to kg


Find latest news headline
Example headline

Find news headline of a specific category
Format [category] headline
Example politics headline


Roll a die
Example roll a die

Roll a specific die type
Format roll a [dice type]
Example roll a d10

Flip a coin
Example flip a coin

Play rock, paper, scissors
Example rock paper scissors


Translate a word to another language
Format [word] to [language]
Example bonjour to spanish
Example how are you to japanese


Get stock information
Format [stock symbol] stock
(in some cases you can type a company name instead of a stock symbol)
Example googl stock
Example apple stock


Find latest version of Roccat
Example latest roccat

Find if you’re up to date
Example am i up to date


Check a parcel tracking status by typing your tracking number
Format [tracking number]
(As DHL and Fedex don’t have unique identifiers you must prefix the tracking number with DHL or FEDEX)
Example 1Z12345E1392654435
Example FEDEX785160887088

Tracking currently supports UPS (Standard), USPS (Priority Mail), DHL Express, TNT, Fedex and Ontrac.


General Knowledge
Example temperature to cook duck
Example largest animal

Battery percentage
Example battery