Roccat 7 & 8


Roccat 7 & 8

The All New VisiTabs.

Horizontal VisiTabs have been completely redesigned, now by default Roccat with VisiTabs provides around the same browsing space as other browsers. The tabs are also longer now making them harder to accidentally close.

roccat new visitabs


The smartest address bar in town.

Roccat 7 & 8 features FusedBar 4 which has many new features, including the ability to ‘find on page’ straight from FusedBar. The biggest FusedBar 4 feature is FusedBar Aware which is powered by RClouds and uses a mixture of AI and Regex to provide you with answers to many questions, see the video below for some examples.

The status bar is no more.

The status bar is no more, it’s been replaced with the status panel, the status panel only displays when there is a change to the status of a site. We chose to place it center-bottom which after much research we discovered to be the least intrusive position.



 Browse longer when you’re low on juice.

Now when your battery gets to around 20% PowerSaver will enable. PowerSaver enables ResourceSaver functionality among other power saving features, while reducing some animations and disabling PasteBoard suggestions. This allows you to browse for longer when you’re short on juice, this will automatically disable once your battery is higher than 20%.

duplicate tab


Roccat 8 is exactly the same feature-wise as Roccat 7, we’ve not been focusing on new features but instead have spent months and months recoding all the internals of Roccat so all the features we’ve added over the years and better integrated and work more efficiently. Many companies keep adding features on top of their existing software and this results in slower and more bloated software. So we decided to have a ‘boring’ update to ensure when we do add new features Roccat still runs super quick!

Roccat 7 & 8 has tons of improvements, download now!