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Runecats is a software company which started in 2004. In the past years, Runecats has found out what makes software efficient and easy to use. The company is constantly trying to improve how software works, adding never before seen features. Runecats also works on the design and feel of the software; this improves the overall experience of using Runecats software.

One of Runecats' most popular software is Runecats Explorer (RE). It's development was started at the end of 2005 and over the years, Runecats Explorer has rapidly improved in performance, security and speed, whilst still making it look and feel good, which adds the final touch to the software.

Another of Runecats' more popular software is Runecats Desktop Manager (RDM). This is a free virtual desktop management system which also improves overall system performance. RDM is still in BETA stage and in need of several updates and fixes. RDM has won many awards in download sites, even though it is still in BETA stage.

Runecats has a wide selection of other software, though they are not as widely used as Runecats Explorer.

Runecats aims to constantly improve our existing software as well as make new powerful software. We also aim to partner with other companies to help software performance overall. Runecats believes that software should be stable and fast loading, yet still look good. Runecats tries to incorporate this into all of its software and add useful features as well, meaning it is all round efficient software.

Since 2009 Runecats have been trying to find ways which will make the software and services more ecologically friendly. We started to do this with RuneSeach : Eco, RuneSeach : Eco is an ecologically friendly version of RuneSearch, it is more eco friendly as it has darker colors which means less light is being used while runesearching pages which means less electricity is used in the process.

Soon after that came the release of Runecats Explorer Zeox : Pro (REZ : PRO) which is the most eco friendly browser in the world because of it’s dark GUI which saves electricity for the same reason as RuneSearch : Eco (RS:ECO).

Runecats believe in fast loading open web standards, Runecats have recently removed Flash content from the website as we believe it doesn’t provide the best experience to our customers on the website. We have replaced the Flash content on our site with javascript and animated gifs. When the trident browser supports HTML5 and CSS3 we will be backing these standards to reduce the need for bloated corporate standards. Once IE9 is released we will urge users to upgrade to let RE take full advantage of the improved engine with the support for these standards.

Runecats is always trying to improve; so if you have an idea on how we can make Runecats software even better, let us know by contacting us here.

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