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RBE pronounced 'Arby' stands for 'Runecats BETA Exchange'. This is a new system which works as follows:

"A company joins the Runecats BETA Exchange and their beta testers will then beta test Runecats software.

The company will then give us their beta software to upload to the Runecats BETA Space, where our beta testers will be able to test their software."

As more companies join the system there will be much more software and many more BETA testers beta testing the software which will eliminate many more bugs than before.

There are already a few companies which have joined RBE, and we are confident that more will join when the system proves to be a major success.

If you would like to join RBE and have your software tested to a Runecats standard please contact Runecats.
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Companies which have joined RBE:
RBE was created on the 19th June 2009

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