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Runecats Explorer 1.8 will be introducing widgets to the browser, the widgets will be web based but will be merged within the application, internally we call these weblications.

You can develop your own widgets in HTML and many other web based standards (Please try and reduce the use of Flash).

Runecats Explorer 1.8 widgets will come in 3 sizes as standard, you can download the widget testing unit to test your widget in the three different sizes.

If your widget needs to be a different size please contact us at and state the size of the widget you require and we will create a widget testing unit based on the size stated.

Widgets will come preinstalled with 1.8 and new widgets will only enter in the upcoming updates of the browser, so it’s best to start developing now and publish it on RE1.8’s official Release!

Download the widget testing unit here:

Start Developing skins for Runecats Explorer 1.8 now!

Runecats Explorer 1.8 will have the same form factor as Runecats Explorer 1.7, so your CustoRune skins will be compatible with both Runecats Explorer 1.7 and 1.8.

The button packs will be slightly different with the discontinued mail button and introduced widgets button.

To start creating skins for Runecats Explorer visit:

If you have created a RE compatible add on such as download manager and IEspell, let us know and provide us with a download link.

If we love it we will feature it within our website!

Contact us at:

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