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Runecats Explorer Zeox has many more features and options than ever, here we will tell you the new features.
Some will have videos for help on how to use these features.
Tabbed Browsing- Runecats Explorer has Tabbed browsing this video will show you how to
use this feature.
(Click to play AVI file)
(Click to play AVI file)
Text size changer- Runecats Explorer has a text size changer, so you are able to see the text
enlarged view the video to see how to use this feature.
(Click to play AVI file)
MiniWeb- Runecats famous MiniWeb has been improved again! Check out this video to
see it in action and how to use it.
(Click to play AVI file)
Search Drawer- Runecats have noticed all main browsers have a search bar on them, so
we decided to add this with a twist, we have a pop-out drawer like search bar, it makes
searching slightly quicker and saves lots of room. Check out the video to see it in action
and how to use it.
Above are just a few of Runecats Explorer's features there are many more like the RuneText extention, improved finding
tools, a faster engine, skins, a centering button and many many more
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