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* Speed based on Runecats Explorer V1.2 pro and below.
Runecats Explorer Features Colors OS's Download Download page for Runecats Explorer Zeox RC pallet
Runecats Explorer Zeox is the newest
Runecats Browser, It has many more features than
Runecats Explorer Velo these are as follows:

Improved Miniweb- For easier browsing
Search Drawer- For a quick google search
New looks with 8 colored skins
Improved engine now upto 12 times faster browsing*
Improved find tool
RuneText Extention
Improved tabs
Text size changer
Centre organising button
Better security
Better program loading time
Improved setup
Much much more...

Download REZ. RC pallet
Runecats Explorer Zeox Xsecure-

Runecats Explorer Zeox Xsecure is the same as
Runecats Explorer, but it's security is much more stricter,
REZ XS will block redirections, and unsecure websites.
To download a file in REZ XS you must right click and save
target as, this stops viruses, adware or spyware downloading
in the background. REZ XS isn't recommened for personal use
as it may restrict you on many websites.
Download REZ XS. Runecats Explorer Zeox arrow Runecats Explorer Zeox
 Runecats Explorer Zeox-
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